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  1. Spinel, you're doing an amazing job with these overhauls. My favorite is what you did to the high elven magus, purple's chapels, and basically every terrain adjustment! Keep it up! I'm really stoked to see what you did with Outland, Kalimdor, Northrend, Southern EK, and possibly the lands around the Maelstrom (if you did, lol)! I think what most of these guys are trying to say is that they love WC3 with a passion and choose to stick with the traditional unit models because it feels and plays like how it always does. I agree with Ordo that using new models isn't a thing because most of the time, the new animations and how they move and look just seems so... not WC3, you feel? However, your color modifications to the clothing, weapons, hair, eyes, etc is amazing. I think that's the farthest any Azzy Wars mapmaker could go in model customization while maintaining the authenticity and class. In TLDR, cosmetic modifications to WC3 models is totally fine. New models, not fine.
  2. Raaawr (just likes kaldorei q.q and people who like kaldorei v~v )
  3. You should tell that to the other good players I've beaten as LB. They think I play it too much. I feel really bad for you because I know how to counter LB in both early and late game. You sound so defeated and dumb right now that it hurts. I saw you play. I saw your skill. If I suck, then you suck a ton more.
  4. Why do you make accusations that have no basis? I didn't pick up that you didn't speak our language properly, but it doesn't matter. Me? A bad player? I don't think you recall me beating you in-game playing races other than LB. I may still be a bad player compared to some here, but that just means you're definitely worse. I know this map more than enough. I've been playing it for about 4 years and have learned from others how to play other races properly. I don't post much, but when I do, it's because what I post usually has some relevance to the betterment of this game. There is a big difference between theory and practice, but luckily for me, I do both theory and practice. I don't say anything until I'm absolutely certain that I'm right. You don't edit the map and have hours of conversation with the map makers about the current condition of the map so let me redirect you accordingly: you are totally wrong. Someone's really butthurt I that murdered him as LB, but even more embarrassing is that I've beaten him as DG and Green. You don't have to take my advice. You can learn more by being stupid like you are now, but only if you stop being stupid. Lol. If you wanna try being a douchebag, at least be good at it. Your arguments, logic, and sources are all wrong and to top that off you suck at trying to insult. You're such a nice guy.. I've got a bag of cookies just for you.
  5. So your argument against fearies is because it's hard? Do you need a booboo bandaid, babe?
  6. Attack 1 on the gargoyle is anti-air while attack 2 is the ranged one that attacks everything else. Since fearie dragons are organic units and gargoyles' first attack option is anti-air, gargoyles are also designed to auto-attack fearie dragons and other air units. You can download a WC3 hotkey software off the internet for free and that will hopefully help a little bit. Otherwise on you being able to "see nothing", I would like to refer you to either your local optometrist or laziness counselor for real-life application assistance. Your whole post above was about how you have difficulty targeting Fearie Dragons, not how OP they are. It is painfully obvious that they are too powerful and that is being worked on and is already taken care of. We are not talking about their OP-ness, but rather how "hard they are to see".. according to you.
  7. Fault on my part for not specifically talking about the Horde fight, which I was assuming you knew, but since you talked about Red you're at fault, too. Shame on you for saying that. Massive shame. Red has gargoyles which have been specially designed to counter and kill air units. They're almost (if not, better) as effective in taking out air units than those batriders. And if you're planning to talk about Blue, Legion has Nether Dragons.
  8. I understand why Light Blue needs to be nerfed. Kinda sucks that in most of my games nowadays I only win because Brown is a good player or a nab (tries learning but feeds/doesn't do anything and then/or leaves, thus giving me the right to take all his control points with enough time before Horde storms Nordrassil) or if one Horde player is bad. However, winning a 2v1 Kali fight is a problem in itself. I'm not supposed to be winning solo. At all. I've only lost a few times against a well-balanced Horde, where the battle was combined in both macro and micro. Both sides wanted Tyrande and Shandris especially, my elites, air units, and casters down at all costs and knew me well enough to take my cp's so I wouldn't upgrade and have my army at full power at the same time attacking me from every angle and place possible. I conclude here that I usually win ENT games in every circumstance except when both Horde players are good. I second this. I've been in games where Horde lessened the spell composition because of those fearies and focused pure attack power and it resulted in heavy losses from both sides, with Brown usually having the upper hand. I don't understand Olol.. You have those batriders and they're so darn annoying. It's like their job is to specifically aim down air units. That might help you out when going against those fearie dragons and all of NE's air units even cuz the explosion spell has a fairly large AOE.
  9. WISPS - 3rd NIGHT ELF CASTER OPTION If night elf workers (artisans) get implemented into the game, wisps now have the opportunity to show what they're truly capable of doing. Some of you might not even care or find it laughable that I'm saying this, but wisps are actually very effective in fights. With their "Detonate" ability, one of them can dispel a fairly large AOE and burn 50 mana. If you had 12 of them detonate, you would've burned 600 mana--which is about more mana than any caster and elite on the map. Any caster hero squad would definitely run away from them. Personally, that's a pretty powerful spell. If used properly, it can be game-changing. Some of you might think this is OP so there could probably a limit to how many wisps could be trained. If not, let's spam the hell out of them wisps! To avoid a generic feel between Light Blue and Brown, I decided to make TWO kinds of wisps: Sentinel Wisp - Light Blue's 3rd caster 120hp/50mp || 10-15 gold? || trainable from Temple of Elune Abilities: - Detonate: burn 50 mana in an AOE at the cost of the wisp - Phase: 50 mana/x second cooldown; allows wisp to bypass collision and go through units with an x% increased movement speed for y seconds; doesn't become invisible - Elune's Radiance (passive): when wisp "detonates", units (in the AOE of the wisp) attack and/or movement speed is slowed by x% and/or y% for z seconds. (doesn't stack if done in rapid succession) Upgrades: Elune's Power Infusion - 120/220/320/420 health increase Sentinel Wisp Adept Training - enables "Phase"; adds 50 mana Sentinel Wisp Master Training - enables "Elune's Radiance"; adds 50 more mana Fully upgraded Sentinel Wisp: 420hp/150mp Druidic Wisp - Brown's 3rd caster 120hp/50mp || 10-15 gold? || trainable from Ancient of Wind - Detonate: burn 50 mana in an AOE at the cost of the wisp (can detonate in ethereal form) - Emerald Walk: 100 mana/x second cooldown; allows wisp to bypass collision and go through units in ethereal form; can be toggled between ethereal and corporeal - Malorne's Hindrance (passive): when wisp "detonates", units (in AOE of the wisp) damage and/or armor is reduced by x% and/or y% for z seconds. (doesn't stack if done in rapid succession) Upgrades: Malorne's Power Infusion - 120/220/320/420 health increase Druidic Wisp Adept Training - enables "Emerald Walk"; adds 50 mana Druidic Wisp Master Training - enables "Malorne's Hindrance"; adds 50 more mana Fully upgraded Druidic Wisp: 420hp/150mp
  10. Oh come on. There are male Sentinels too. It's like saying Brown can't have female druids. So this is not a valid argument. This is only the World Tree. I think that Brown's Trees of Eternity can do an AOE tree restore, but that's it. If you're so keen on mass lumber harvesting, then the simple solution is for Night Elf Workers to naturally just harvest less lumber than the other factions. Btw, wisps only harvest 2 lumber, not 5. The reason why they're so fast is because they just suck off the tree and have no return site. It doesn't matter if Night Elf Workers can harvest 10-20 wood because they'll have to make the walk between the trees and the return site. However, because of the World Tree, I'll agree with the idea that the NE workers should harvest less wood than the other workers. How does 6/9/12 wood by upgrades sound?
  11. Hate that Night Elves have infinite lumber? Hate losing that naval fight just because of a lack of wood? Well, this might be the answer to your problems, you anti-environmentalist zealot. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Presenting the NIGHT ELF WORKER!!! (HiveWorkshop calls him "Artisan") Looks pretty suave, doesn't he? Here are his functions: - just like every worker on the map (except acolytes) - benefits from lumber harvesting upgrades; researchable from the 'Workshop' building for LB and 'Hunters Hall' for Brown. (6/9/12 wood upgrade-wise) - looks like a druid and he's the only man you'll ever need Why he's needed: - people are too tired of Night Elves having infinite lumber mid-late game (can be argued as "broken") - controls NE's massing of hundreds of ships that always win every naval battle - slows down the damage and armor upgrades so that people on EK that have 2/3 won't have to face a 7/7 NE. - looks like a druid and he's the only man you'll ever need -------------------------------------------------------------------- "Okay cool, but what happens to the wisps?" - new post incoming
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