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  1. You can thank Australia for originating this practice, and it has had an impact on the level of youth uptake.
  2. he waited 12 minutes to post a laughing emoji in response to his own cringey fan-fiction, now that's what i call f u n n y
  3. Inferous

    Steam Calculator

    Here comes a special boy
  4. Didn't we already have this thread?
  5. Inferous


    he didn't win by much
  6. Like @Ser_Fergus said, the book's entire thesis for the course of civilization is environmental determinism, which historians and anthropologists dislike for various reasons. Personally I find it too simplistic, and is a very "broad strokes" approach that provides some examples which support the idea while ignoring other examples that dispute it. It's an interesting read if nothing else, though.
  7. I'm assuming Guns, Germs and Are All is a sequel to Guns, Germs and Steel?
  8. You seem to be mixing up what "cheating" is with something else. Cheating is when you do something outside the bounds of your relationship. The only other explanation is your social group is really shitty and everyone just cheats on their partners. Also, justifying something morally wrong by saying "oh everyone else does it, it was expected" is 1. cowardly, and 2. still morally wrong.
  9. The only acceptable cheating is the MissingNo cheat. Everything else is haram. But really, if you cheat you are making a conscious decision to hurt another person, in one way or another. You are putting your temporary physical or emotional needs ahead of your relationship and your partner's feelings. It's a bad thing to do, even if you think it's justified.
  10. Inferous

    Picture of You

    okay nodle literally has the hitler haircut wtf man you took this beer barrel thing too far
  11. Inferous

    Picture of You

    Where's your moustache?
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