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  1. Thalnos is going to be the south american server wtf dude lol, it's gonna be terrible
  2. Probably, I agree on that, but solely making him muslim isn't that bad, it could end up being (with a good director) an amazing and philosophical concept for a movie, I'm somewhat pessimistic about it though, most hollywood directors are hacks.
  3. I find Buddhism more interesting for a vampire because of the more spiritual meaning behind the religion but both Catholicism (Like in Hellsing) and Islam can work as well, Islam is a more interesting tone to see how can a vampire who needs to consume blood for a living live when his faith forbids him to do it, they need to do it right though.
  4. their first mistake was was try to make a deal with fucking drug lords and terrorists
  5. Dota 2 custom maps are limited on their own way, for example I'm fairly sure that the map size limit is lower than wc3's, way less models, game looks like plastic, and the biggest drawback, performance for lota of units is absolutely terrible on Dota 2's engine.
  6. Please. anyone who considers using light themes, don't, it's not paper, paper doesn't "emit" light like screens do, it just reflects it, don't fuck your eyesight with bright light themes, you'll regret it years later.
  7. Oh really? Don't they autoproclaim (obvious propaganda but you get it) themselves the world police? so why don't they intervene when their allies are also causing massive amount of deaths?
  8. Americans committing a terrorist attack and then blaming it on Iran on the hopes of starting a war is some serious asshole tactics, can't disappoint me more as a country, sure it has fast food and *used to* have a music industry that I particularly enjoyed, But those that guarantee their acts since world war 2? No, it's just a bunch of greedy corporations, basically legal terrorist organizations like Lockheed Martin, and other weapons producers. I am happily looking forward to a world where there is more than 1 world power/united force to bring reason and balance to the world, so we will no longer have illegal invasions on countries where thousands of not more die because of wanting profit. It's funny but when you mention it like that I'm sure that any American would at the very best agree on there being pointless wars, but how bad do they think killings really are? Not very, certainly not as bad as someone else committing the same amount of killings in the U.S, imagine the outrage if said thing were reversed: Statistics: Iraq war: 1,200,000 (1.2 MILLION) deaths by 2007 Syrian "civil" war: 371,222(371 thousand) to more than 570,000 (570 thousand) deaths by April 2016 Afghan War: 471,000 (471 thousand) = 111,000 (111 thousand) Afghans + 360,000 (360 thousand additional people, pretty much count them in), these don't count Pakistan numbers. Libyan "CIVIL" war: 2.5k (probably US fake numbers) to 25k (most likely closer to the real ones) deaths by 2011 Egypt "Revolution": 846 during + 300 deaths post These numbers don't even count shit like how for example in Yemen about 85 thousand children may have died of starvation caused by a war started by Saudi Arabia (US ally), and these aren't even all of the conflicts going on Someone please remind me again why Americans act like they hold any moral high ground after murdering or having caused the deaths of about 2 million people in the middle east in the past 20 years? Let's not start talking about Asia, their war crimes in North Korea, Vietnam (NAPALM), TWO nukes on Japanese CIVILLIANS and so on. I don't fucking care how offended your feelings get that I prefer a world where a unified China and Russia alliance has a position to STOP these pointless deaths before they get out of control, America has crossed the line and I don't see this stopped even with different parties taking over, the state is deeply corrupt. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_2011_Libyan_Civil_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilian_casualties_in_the_war_in_Afghanistan_(2001–present) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yemeni_Civil_War_(2015–present) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/21/world/middleeast/yemen-famine-children.html
  9. To quote my previous post, today's ban of Huawei proves my point, the US has a monopoly on the tech industry and wants to keep it that way, Huawei was starting to surpass them and now look at what happened, they panicked and started banning Huawei en masse. This is just ridiculous and hopefully more countries decide to start investing in their own tech industry, if possible to close their internet as well, the US has lost ALL credibility with the Huawei scandal, they have to the moment not shown any evidence of Huawei doing anything that major US tech companies haven't been doing for decades, in fact, I'd argue that Google has more information today on people (and gives it to the government) than what Huawei might have 20 years from now.
  10. As much as you might hate what China does with its industries such as the internet, you have to remember that there is not much actual depth in terms of content for the modern internet, maybe in the early 2000s this was true, when the web was legit, but nowadays most websites and software are meant as data gathering, in addition to that they're mostly controlled my monopolistic American corporations. China killed two birds with one shot, they 1)Get to control both Chinese (people) and foreign government (let's not pretend like there's not a gigantic western interest in dividing China) induced revolts through social media and 2)They get to push for Chinese tech industry. Take a look at India for a sad example of what would happen to China if they opened, they would be flooded with American corporations "owning" the backbone of their internet and in addition to that all of their talent would be leaving their country because of no opportunities. China instead has a very big percentage of their developers working in their country, for their tech industry, which is continuously developing, they also have ties with the tech companies and have a sort of deal that makes foreign companies have to partner with a Chinese company and have them publish it in order to function. Yes, it's not "freedom" but opening up and allowing foreign companies own where your population communicates isn't freedom either, it's freely allowing a foreign superpower to reign over your country, in this day and age the internet is a very big portion of a country in terms of interactions being done. China is not a perfect country, they are far from one (the US isn't one either, killing foreigners for money and political control is just as bad), but one thing that I will not blame on them is their performance on generating a self sustaining tech industry, something that only they have achieved outside of the monopolistic US industry.
  11. Keep strawmanning dude, yeah, it's working great for you.
  12. First of all, nice ad hominem, clearly touched a nerve there, was it the line about regurgitating what your college professor taught you? second,I don't know where you got that from, I'm not even religious, you clearly are so biased that you can't see your own shit, I know I said I wasn't gonna keep replying but that part of your comment seemed so moronic to me, that not only did I stop reading whatever else you posted but it guaranteed a reply from me just to call you out, so I guess good luck with that.
  13. Lol, you are making me cringe so hard right now, you think that if Zizek didn't at least see Peterson as somewhat on his level he would've gotten into that stage with him? You understand why both of them were up there and you weren't, right? Way to be a keyboard intellectual, In fact, Zizek had plenty of very easy to dismiss arguments on his initial thesis as well, he mentions how one of Capitalism's main flaws is that it promotes degeneracy, and let's take back that for a moment and try to understand what it implies, it implies (if you want to be realistic and understand that he was implying that there is a better model that does not have these issues), that Communism or any other alternative would've never brought the internet as such, and well, it simply isn't realistic, the initial undersea cable was placed in 1858, which was just 10 years after the communist manifesto was released, it simply was "too late" for it's own good, so you would need to accept the fact that the internet would eventually come for the simple fact that a very rudimentary example was already laid and proven to work. As such, let's look at the current climate, just take a look at social media for example, even if "social media" sites didn't exist under a private entity, they would most likely still exist under a public entity, simply because people have a need for communication, and thus we can conclude that things such as girls posting photos of their asses and getting more likes than them posting intelligent stuff is going to happen nonetheless. So no, communism is not the only model that would generate sexual degeneracy. Now another point, he ends his thesis by saying how he sees the light at the end of the tunnel to be another train coming in and killing us all, well, if we're going to be apocalyptic about it, and see stuff that could probably happen, we should also see the other side of the argument shouldn't we? The whole argument about how we're destroying the planet is just ridiculous and how that is a perfect argument against capitalism, is just ridiculous, we will eventually die due to natural climate change, outside of capitalism accelerated climate change, we could also die from stuff such as meteors and other catastrophic events which will eventually happen, so we can easily conclude that Earth is not going to be our everlasting place of existence, we will eventually move on from Earth, and capitalism is the only model proven to enable progress on that front, SpaceX's incredible development is the biggest example. And once we escape Earth, the whole "destroying the ecosystem" becomes rubbish, because there are more planets out there than there will be humans in most likely thousands of years. So again, the "core" problems of capitalism are nothing but rubbish, I however don't disagree that there could be other models tried (Andrew Yang's European approach isn't bad either), but pure communism is not one of them. PSA: I'm not a career "Philosopher" or anything similar to that, I'm just pointing out that to me Zizek had as many flaws on his argument as did Peterson, and that is to be expected, this is just a debate, based on what they have in mind at the moment, in reality, it's moronic to believe that you can dismiss an argument or even worse, a person, without proper, decades long research, something which I believe that you have not done. (I don't plan on replying again to this topic because I find it to be stupid outside of the link to the debate which I did see and found interesting). English is not my native language so I find it somewhat annoying to be replying to people who regurgitate college rhetoric.
  14. It's a shame that gothic structures are very scattered, would be awesome looking at a gigantic gothic complex
  15. Dad died from cancer cause of smoking, I wish they could just ban them altogether but w/e I hope they keep adding more and more restrictions, and they spread to other parts in the world. Tobacco companies are the dirtiest mother fuckers out there, here Marlboro has these bubblegum themed packs it's really disgusting, my first job was at a gas station, I used to enjoy denying underage kids the ability to buy packs and beer, it was hilarious watching them swear that they were over 18 and that they just forgot to bring their ID. They were similar to the one above except that it was even more colorful and the racks had like these big ass bubblegum lights, it really was ridiculous how far they went to try to get kids to try it.
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