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  1. What's the point now that diplogaming is dead
  2. I mean like OPM is not moeshit or anything to literally not watch it, it still is watchable and I guess somewhat enjoyable by itself, but definitely the entire season was a mess compared to the other adaptation of ONE's work (Mob psycho)
  3. So it's this time of the year, I haven't done any so far this year because of lack of time, but I finally have some time to dedicate to crafting a thread that is worth posting. WINTER SEASON First let's start with Winter season (anime that start in December 2018 and end in February 2019): Mob Psycho Season II: ONE's ACTUAL good work, not One Overrated Punch Man, And it's done by Studio bones! Here's the opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epZaT8B31-g After season opinion: wow this anime improved on everything that made season 1 amazing and made it MUCH MUCH better, starting with the HEAVY fucking hitting first episode, jesus christ this season was a roller coaster of feels. RECOMMENDED. The Promised Neverland: The second big hitter of the season, The Promised Neverland was one of the most anticipated anime of the season and it's a thriller! Here's the opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JoFsTDfd-8 After season opinion: some mixed but mostly high opinions about the anime, definitely a mostly recommended anime though, should watch it if you're going for 2019 anime of high to excellent quality. DORORO: Amazon's first foray into big anime! what?!: And the best part of it was that they decided to not go for a MOESHIT anime that sells well with weebs and just that, it's actually an oldschool anime! a remake of an 80s classic anime, what the fuck didn't expect this at all! Here's the opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQR2O8PGf4 After season opinion: while some issues on some episodes with animation quality, definitely WAY higher quality than ANYTHING Netflix has produced and a fitting remake to the Classic 80s Dororo anime. mostly recommended. SPRING SEASON Now with Spring 2019 (Starting on March), and the anime that aired that season, this season was actually heavily filled with high quality content, or so I thought. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Alright, so the first anime I'm going to mention of course has to be the HEAVY hitter of the season, attack on titan's Season 3 part 2, this season was SO fucking hype you cannot imagine it, it really was incredible what they managed to pull off in 10 episodes: Here's the opening! (Don't watch it if you haven't seen previous seasons, you have been warned): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhYg5NrN-r8 After season opinion: Totally deserving of the hype, WIT Studio brought their A game with this. Recommended Kimetsu no Yaiba: We had an anime with an opening by the fucking incredibly cute Lisa! oh wait, when have I heard this before? *cough SAO*, alright let's not judge the anime by the singer shall we? Here's the opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmanD_s7G3U After season opinion: So yeah, it looks nice, has a catchy opening, and all... too bad that the anime is a generic shonen that made me drop it by episode 8 or 9. Plus some people like the "animation" but the actual coloring makes it all seem like it's a very generic anime, at some point the villain starts to attack with literal paint looking red arrows, it got ridiculous and I dropped it, I heard it got somewhat hype later on but I don't know, watch at your own risk. One Punch Man season 2: Oh boy, so fucking hyped! new one punch man! oh wait, I forgot that this was One's shitty alternative to mob psycho, totally undeserving of the hype, doesn't matter though, the animation is top notch! right?... right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIK39VOoezs After season opinion: meh, that's about what I can say for this shit, the studio that they decided to give this shit was a moetrash studio, who cheapened out on the animation plus not just that but the entire season feels like a fucking dick tease, it literally does nothing or get to anything relevant. It's an okay "watch if you got NOTHING better to do" though. Fruits Basket 1st Season (remake): Beautiful slice of life anime, that's about everything you need to know, it's high quality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80oOmZSMlx0 After season opinion: Really good, if you're into Slice of Life, definitely give it a watch. Boungou Stray Dogs Season 3: Uh, oh god. This is one of those anime that came from the "dark era" of anime where there was nothing better to watch so we watched this shit, it's a heavy yaoi themed anime, with a cool opening/theme and just that, it's really really woman oriented if you're a fujoshi you'll probably enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEW937Rwl1Q After season opinion: It was okay lol, just that I guess, definitely better than OPM season 2. Carole & Tuesday: An anime by the creator of Cowboy Bebop, of course it has to be HEAVY on the music, hyped as fuck and underrated as fuck too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxFpNkOD5UE After season opinion: Music anime in 2019 lole... definitely a joke. Jokes on you, it was actually great! such a cute anime with an amazing soundtrack, two girls who have a street band duo? yes please! Recommended because Watanabe knows his shit. -------------------------------- SUMMER SEASON Well what can we say about this season other than the fact that it was hyped as fuck for the fact that everyone had gotten back their addiction to anime thanks to shingeki season 3 part 2! Let's see how it does: DR STONE: Well, this anime was hyped as fuck because it's manga was decently rated and serialized on shonen jump, did it live its expectations? Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF4faMbs5oQ After season opinion: Not really, the show uses a lot of *totally not pseudo science but not science either* rushed shit, asspulls, ecchi shit, and so on, the plot is retarded and the main cast are annoying as fuck, what else is there? not much, definitely not worth the hype, plus the manga was drawn by an artist that does the worst hentai I've seen in terms of art style so that makes it even worse, it just looks so similar to it. Not recommended. VINLAND SAGA: Will we ever have an anime about Berserk animated? No way, there's no way a studio could pull it off, it requires so much work! what the hell dude how do you expect them to do it? Plus there's no waifus that you can sell as figuri... shut up moron, let Vinland Saga pass by. This is an anime that was a HEAVY underdog at the start of the season, everyone was hyping Dr Stone and Enen No Shouboutai (Fire Force), while this "lame" anime about vikings was ignored, and so the start of the season went somewhat bad in terms of viewers... let's see the opening though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A8hK-KBRjs After season opinion: First half was PHENOMENAL, this anime is outstanding, another work of art by WIT Studio cementing them as the best studio currently in full standing, what an amazing thing to see a 24 episode season of an anime such as Vinland being produced! RECOMMENDED Enen No Shoubotai (Fire Force): Wow, an anime that looks like it has a high production quality! animation reminds me of blue exorcist? what?! hmm let's hope it's not like Kyoto Saga LOL XD!!!!111 (oh god) Here's the Opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha-l5oFADVc After season opinion: what a shitfest, this was literally blue exorcist kyoto saga v2, It literally was just ecchi and shit plot, plus cringe characters, what the fuck, dropped, gorgeous visuals and no substance. not recommended. Fall Season (Will update opinions after season is over) Boku No Hero Season 4 (My Hero Academia): Studio Bones' heavy hitter shonen anime, My Hero Academia's season 4 is finally here! And I have to say that both the villain and Mirio are going to steal the season after the first 7 or so episodes (especially Mirio Togata). Here's the opening: Before you watch it, just want to point out that the entire opening copied the concept from another opening also by Studio Bones', Eureka Seven's third opening, I just want to take a moment to tell you to watch that anime if you haven't it's incredible. Anyways, let's continue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i04F9cZlXJY during season opinion: anime is still airing, it's pretty good so far! we're so close to the hype point of the first half of the season! mostly recommended for what's to come, it still isn't here so I gotta remain objective about it. will update after season to what I believe will be a recommended. Psycho-Pass Season 3: Before we even get to watching the opening, I just want to point out that Gen Urobuchi (Urobutcher) is the biggest mother fucker in Japan, this retard generates these amazing concepts for anime, gets them started amazingly and then abandons the project halfway through and tells everyone to suck a dick and eat the shit that they started watching when it inevitable goes down the shitter. Season 2 of Psycho-Pass without Gen Urobuchi was such a letdown, it was like day and night vs the amazing season 1, the villain was so childish and literally ridiculous concept of a plot to begin with. Here's the opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQpys1rdD28 during season opinion: anime is still airing, actually haven't gotten to watch it yet because I'm waiting for season to end to binge watch it to give it a fair rating, so far though, I haven't heard that much terrible stuff about it, but I really don't expect much without Gen Urobuchi on it. will update after season is over with a "recommended or not" CONCLUSION I just want to point out that this thread is based on MY view of the year, not others, some people like moeshit might be fine with shit like DR STONE, SAO (yikes) and Kimetsu No Yaiba, sorry but not me. So that's about it folks for anime that caught my attention this year, definitely this was the comeback of anime year, we had so many high quality anime this year that I hadn't seen since probably 2014 and if that. I'll be back for either a seasonal or entire 2020 thread! (still haven't decided)
  4. Living in Peru 1. There's three months which I love every year which is summer, every other month of the year the sky is extremely gray and I want to kill myself. 2. The people. 3. The people.
  5. Thalnos is going to be the south american server wtf dude lol, it's gonna be terrible
  6. Probably, I agree on that, but solely making him muslim isn't that bad, it could end up being (with a good director) an amazing and philosophical concept for a movie, I'm somewhat pessimistic about it though, most hollywood directors are hacks.
  7. I find Buddhism more interesting for a vampire because of the more spiritual meaning behind the religion but both Catholicism (Like in Hellsing) and Islam can work as well, Islam is a more interesting tone to see how can a vampire who needs to consume blood for a living live when his faith forbids him to do it, they need to do it right though.
  8. their first mistake was was try to make a deal with fucking drug lords and terrorists
  9. Dota 2 custom maps are limited on their own way, for example I'm fairly sure that the map size limit is lower than wc3's, way less models, game looks like plastic, and the biggest drawback, performance for lota of units is absolutely terrible on Dota 2's engine.
  10. Please. anyone who considers using light themes, don't, it's not paper, paper doesn't "emit" light like screens do, it just reflects it, don't fuck your eyesight with bright light themes, you'll regret it years later.
  11. Alliance, duh. I did choose alliance again on Northdale, the /vg/ guild had more members in the horde, in the end the horde were filled with dumbasses who caused drama and broke the guild, guess what the alliance one is still up today. I don't trust hordies to maintain a guild alive.
  12. Oh really? Don't they autoproclaim (obvious propaganda but you get it) themselves the world police? so why don't they intervene when their allies are also causing massive amount of deaths?
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