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  1. I'll see you in a month.
  2. Northshire Abby recruits our brave adventurer Billy at the ripe age of 87 to help vanquish those pesky kobold vermin. "Crime doesn't pay, sunny." He says after brandishing his sword and sheathing it. Billy is determined to win this duel to death over a stolen crate of cranberries. Billy aided Northshire Abby in ridding it of the kobold menace and Defias incursion of their beloved cranberries. He's lived there his whole life. An entire 87 years. Never once has he stepped beyond the safety of this hamlet, but now Billy takes his first step into the open world. Who knows what awaits him. God speed, and pray your dementia doesn't act up. It was a long journey from Northshire Abby to Stormwind City. There is it! Billy is a spry elderly chap, time to spend this copper... and not all in one place! A bank? Billy remembers having a communal chest that could store probably five books in it. He was surprised to hear that he already has a membership! An account just for him! "I'd reckon me' somethin' special." He says. Perhaps this is destiny!
  3. Vampiric runeblades were the instruments of which generation of death knights? Second Generation The Ashbringer was crafted with vengeful and wrathful hands. Who created this legendary weapon? King Magni Bronzebeard
  4. TheGreatMaz

    Ask Diplo

    I couldn't care less because I'm too focused on living my life in whatever comfortable way possible. Confirming the date of my death is practically akin to reading a book to the end of the first chapter and then reading the last chapter of the book. Knowing what happens at the end may either ruin the story or have the reader anticipate on filling all the questions they have or merely sate their curiosity. I could either live my life comfortably in whatever way possible or know when I'll die and possible choose to create and live by a bucket list. The question of how one may die will probably arise. It's a scary thought as people tend to consider the negative and positive outcomes. I know I'm supposed to die on this day. But at what time? Will I be hit by a car and die instantly? Will I survive and have to suffer the rest of the day until my body gives up hours later in a hospital bed? Letting people know when they're going to die with just create chaos in my opinion. I think this is a silly question, as you shouldn't be anticipating when you're going to die. Also, who or what determines when we're supposed to die? Is it a supernatural entity? Illuminati? What if someone dies at a date earlier than expected? Maybe I'm thinking too much about the question itself rather than the cryptic message behind it, but I'm merely explaining why I think it's a silly question in itself besides my previous statement.
  5. TheGreatMaz

    Ask Diplo

    @Feanor Appreciate your hospitable nature. I would say your reputation exceeds you, but you and I know that to be false. Look forward to further conversations.
  6. TheGreatMaz

    Ask Diplo

    There are numerous definitions of head. In this context, is it chief. I am the Chief Moderator. I'm to encourage positive interactions within the community by establishing a respectful and cordial atmosphere.
  7. TheGreatMaz

    Ask Diplo

    I'm TheGreatMaz the Head Moderator. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Feanor.
  8. TheGreatMaz

    Ask Diplo

    I'm TheGreatMaz the Head Moderator. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  9. TheGreatMaz

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    She is a valued member, of course! An administrator of Diplomunion.
  10. I've never looked so happy.
  11. Why do you have a cane bors.
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