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  1. I still dont get why u want to kick the guy who hosted the game and waited the most. That is agains everything we are trying to do nodle is right to be mad.
  2. pusan v trench afrika fight loser get exiled. Alpha style
  3. why should pusan be exiled. Arent we all christians ( fuck bj) we all deserve forgiveness for our since. Trench be a good christian and forgive pusanKING for his behavior. Reminder u kicked elcha in game cuz he was being toxic.
  4. Otos have pretty good winrate probably 7/10 vs orange.
  5. dont give navy to dg trench is idiot. Total idiot
  6. Nerf pink infantry is the best thing u can do. Pink and yellow atm have the most op infantry in the entire game. Fast spawn time and good stats. Also nerf arabs to balance the things. For the navy i don think we need any changes its all a matter of micro and control purple can win med if he is good pink can win it if he is good same is with atlantic. I dont think italy should be changed anymore.
  7. #10 kingrob jk 12345 ghr or pusan if not on retard mode.
  8. Russia is perfect atm. Super russia is not gg for centrals u would have known that if u didnt rq last night, We even won that game. Trench was feeling totaly useless lategame. He just kept suiciding in A/H and EG. Russian needed buff badly its so depresing to hold all ur capitals and all prusia and yet have to retreat to moscow and wait for revo and lose all that shit. Also this will make russian players more wiling to defend crimea and kiev and less wiling to just go yolo vs dg or A/H. Also forty trenches update increase is total bulshit. Alpha is getting retarded from playing so much eg. For real its time for him to suffer some wg games.
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