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  1. Hey Diplo With the huge event upcoming being the official Roberts Rebellion Tournament hosted by our beloved Spankfurt, I thought it would be appropriate to post our official manual/guidebook to the map. Link can be seen here: Roberts Rebellion - The Chronicles of Westeros: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15pgqfksNSe6VkOLh0gjZR4jpRPzQNo99kdOr26m5D7k/edit?usp=sharing The guide is an excellent tool for any new player to get an insight into how the map works and what the general basics are. Especially the individual faction guides in chapter 3 to 12 are incredibly useful in this regard. The guide is also excellent for already experienced players to give them a way to perfect their main races with small tips and tricks, or a great tool to learn new races if u are bored with always playing the same. The guide took 2 months to write & put together & is based on 4 years of gameplay & feedback from the community behind the map & from Kaptajn_Snaps himself. So I really hope you will give it a read ! For more interest about the map or its community, you can also check out The Old Guard discord at this link: https://discord.gg/8qcretT Regards Assa
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