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  1. A couple of dickheads decided to take a FWD car to a mototcycle track. This is what they had to say: "Yea oi this cunt fuckin went into the ditch thinkin it was the track what a fuckw- OI BUGGER OFF NOT LIKE I KNOW THIS PLACE AY!" They also said that they'd be back for it with a winch. "Yea nah yea, we'll be back for another go just gotta buy a winch" In conclusion, if you're gonna go thrash an old car. Don't get it stuck.[ATTACH=full]8159[/ATTACH]
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    HEY GUYS PORKIE HERE!!!!1!1+!+!+!×+=7@85×84@£/@84+++4++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes I mostly play GTA and Planetary Annihilation Titans but I do play DCS world on occasion. (If anyone does play DCS please msg me on discord :D) *ok_hand* Thanks sweetie! :* :p
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    If there's grass on the field play ball.
  5. "Where'd my beer go?"
  6. G'day.... Uhm, well.. I'm Porkie on the Diplo discord. Not much else to say is there? Cheers, Porkie
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