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  1. What would you know about the plight of the goats?
  2. Are you implying other goats went to space first?
  3. He'd be a cosmogoat friend. Astrogoats are slightly different
  4. Have you never seen astrogoats before? Do you live under a rock friend?
  5. You'd have to be crazy not to be jealous of goats and goatkind, we're majestic fucks.
  6. If anyone has the audacity to stick their dick in a goat, they should be put down for attempted species mixing, gotta keep the bloodline pure
  7. In a perfect world our down syndrome cousins, i.e sheep and ram, would be put down immediately for their birth defects. As for the human hair hats and moustaches, why the fuck would I want someone else's hair on my body? I already have a pretty good GOATee going on.
  8. What ages are you most interested in?
  9. Feanor, what's your stance on the age of consent?
  10. Why do you need all that fancy stuff seenips? can't go wrong with deer jerky
  11. Is a random goat dick spontaneous enough for you [ATTACH]7559[/ATTACH]
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