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  1. Aye, expensive aura officers assuming king's role in various battles when the king is away somewhere sound pretty nice
  2. I've watched the first two seasons, great show. My favourite episode was a special one, with these two men who were residing, supposedly, in some winter wasteland. I could agree or understand the second man's motives and i regreted him badly. I really recommend watching it, it's easily available through Netflix.
  3. Vann

    Ayy there

    I do not know whether i'll be the good or bad Vann, but many people have made their minds that i surely am the autistic one. Looking forward to seeing my namesake and forging the Great Alliance with him. tyvm
  4. Vann

    Ayy there

    [<15] here is a crime, smoking [<18] is an offense; that indicates that smoking might be highly more disturbing and abusive behaviour, let's criminalize smoking till the retirement age and decriminalize the intercourses - what can go wrong? Surely we won't change into non-smoking non-white populations in a century!
  5. I would never waste an occassion to make a new, spamlike thread without consequences. So hey, I've been playing W3 for over 10 years, doing some RP and stuff, playing strategy maps. Recently i've encountered some Diplomunion users and have decided to make an account here. Outside W3 i'm an ex-WoW and MMO player, Paradox' grand strategy games' fanatic and history nerd. Nice to meet you, senpais
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