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  1. @ EagleMan So are you saying that you have developed effective coping mechanisms such that there is a negligible impact on your day to day life? Or do you still feel there is a negative impact that you are used to working around? Or more that you have gone to seek some type of treatment and were turned away due to a perceived lack of "seriousness" of issues? @ Spank I get a bit fed up with lip service for sure. Sure awareness of anxiety and depression has gone up, but good luck trying to talk about anything further from the norm. Particularly any type of psychosis is still social poison to bring up. But the virtue signalling hasn't made anything worse than before either. It's just annoying like all the other woke things so I don't worry about it.
  2. Cniper- I'm really glad it was thought provoking! I will make sure to pass that on to her Burden - I have had good success with CBT therapy. It is definitely something I would consider helpful to most to at least some degree. It has helped me the most with anxiety and depression. One of the skills I practice is eliminating negative thoughts before they can affect my mood and behavior. Keep in mind it is a process and requires both practice and a genuine effort. Often the first lessons in CBT therapy are about effective goal setting and I can't emphasize it's importance enough. They use an acronym S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, attainable, Realistic, Timely) In my case I started with a goal of taking my meds at the same time everyday. Now as for what I like most, that would be the how useful it is every day. CBT emphasizes "in the moment" as opposed to talk therapy (wherein one talks about past events to contextualize current issues and work towards a solution) for example. Thus CBT ends up being useful everyday. I wouldn't say it's something that will teach you to will yourself happy go lucky. It can't change someone altogether, rather it enabled me to integrate myself, kinda like lifting the fog of war so I can create a better strategy with that new information. I would recommend giving it a shot, particularly if anxiety is bothering you. As long as you are willing to put in practice and truly want to, you will likely find some things that are useful to you. I'm on my phone in bed, otherwise I'd link some resources. If you'd like some let me know.
  3. So as a lot of the categories are uninhabited I will put this here. I'm interested in discussion on REAL TALK mental health, especially with all this healing circle talk going on. It's a large part of my life. How does it impact you? What do you do about it? What can you use help with? I have Schizoaffective Disorder Bi-Polar type. (for a quick overview https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoaffective_disorder ) As such I have a whole litany symptoms. Including psychosis, hallucinations, delusions etc. as well as mood issues like mania, anxiety and depression. It's been a long journey with multiple hospitalizations, innumerable meds and a lot of help from those around me, particularly online. For me it's been a long grind upwards. Mindfulness, CBT therapy and extensive introspection have been the most helpful. Learning to recognize the signs of something being unreal and grounding myself in reality. Meds have helped too but I think of them as only 30% of the process. They were there to enable me to learn, make lifestyle changes and experiment to find what works best. Now they are a safety net for when I need them most. If you have any questions about my experiences I'm always happy to share. If you want to talk about your own struggles I want to listen. If you want to lurk I hope you read something helpful to you.
  4. ^ CoH or DoW Soulstorm SupCom 1 Squad R6 Siege TWWH MechWarrior Online in prep for the MW5 release! Some type of RPG? Card Games like Elder Scrolls Legends
  5. Necroing the poetry thread Where are you, The you who is under your skin, you that lives within your brain, The you who feels pain, The you I glimpse through the cracks in your façade Who are you, The you that acts, you who has no cares Covered in memes, protractedly sarcastic Or you who passionately hurts You who cares behind those hateful stares Begging to be acknowledged, too afraid to be seen When are you, Are you here now with us, you who is stuck in memories past, Whose gaze is ever fixed forward, Knowing once you get there the pain will be gone, Finally able to live unashamed, unexploited and unafraid, Knowing too this you will have waned, Passion replaced, harsh times erased.
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