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  1. Dibs on Muscovy
  2. I don't see why you would add Rome. They had basically 0 contact with the Greeks apart from trading with Sicily.
  3. 1st Greece lobbies are really hard to fill. 2nd Some of the slots are already kind of there just as fillers (in most games they get wiped), so imo the map as it is atm wouldn't gain anything by adding more players it would just ruin the gameplay. You would have to slow the game down for it to make sense or implement a real vassal system, so people don't die in the first 10min.
  4. Uhm, most Serbs do that every Christmas.
  5. Pff, have you ever tried a roasted piglet or lamb? If not don't say a steak is better, is glorifying steak an American thing?
  6. You scrubs obviously never roasted a piglet, bunch of savages, a roasted lamb is delicious as well but I prefer piglets. Deer meat is best for goulash. Oh and a pro tip, the best (healthiest, tastiest) budget meat available are pig hearts, assuming they are fresh, here you can get it for like 2$ a kilo. And lastly and interesting fact, Habsburgs went to war with Serbia over pork. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_War_(1906%E2%80%9308)
  7. Well I just can't come to terms why you would downplay the situation just because there were no casualties, the fact still stands that terrorists have access to UAVs now, and comparing NATO missions (crimes) with the Russians acting in Syria after a requests from the states government is just ridiculous
  8. So? If a NATO base was the target everyone would lose their shit, but since it was Russian, and not even one casualty who gives a fuck right?
  9. Capturing enemy buildings? Killing units gives gold? I really doubt that you'll be able to make fighting even wars worth your while without making it a snowballing map. Maybe make it so that in order to get income you'd need to own a decent navy (trade or smth). Increase farm build time, it might be a good idea to add a nice bounty to farms and agoras, and lastly make agoras buildable only adjacent to cities (so you can't hide them in a corner or smth).
  10. When you see a post about your mayor on 9gag... https://m.9gag.com/gag/ax0pzr2
  11. Here's my little contribution to this thread. Imo one of the best nu metal bands, short lived unfortunately Someone mentioned Russian metal, here's folk metal band, pretty popular in Eastern Europe, not so much in Russia (some of you fantasy metal scrubs might like it) Imo one of the best active metal bands, really wish I get the chance to see them live. And here's a bit of hardcore, not exactly metal but close enough
  12. Ye as previously mentioned some orcs survived, and most of them were hunted down later. There is also that famous part in the books where two orcs talk about leaving and settling somewhere peaceful. Also Tolkien mentioned that orcs actually raped elven female prisoners, Elrond's wife could have possibly suffered this fate (some people could make a connection with muslims here, up to you c: ) Shagrat and Gorbag quote 'They would,' grunted Gorbag. 'We'll see. But anyway, if it does go well, there should be a lot more room. What d'you say? – if we get a chance, you and me'll slip off and set up somewhere on our own with a few trusty lads, somewhere where there's good loot nice and handy, and no big bosses.' 'Ah!' said Shagrat. 'Like old times.' Just saw a question about Mordor, it was given to Sauron's slaves, both orcs and humans. Quote: ...and the slaves of Mordor he released and gave to them all the lands about Lake Nurnen to be their own. Another quote: After the ultimate defeat of Sauron, Mordor became mostly empty again as the orcs inside it fled or were killed. Crippled by thousands of years of abuse and neglect, but capable of sustaining life, the land of Mordor was given to the defeated foes of Gondor as a consolation
  13. Its almost everything you'd want out of a lotr total war game.
  14. Third age total war is the only good reason to get med2, with mos submod ofc.
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