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  1. Was cut in line in a Bucharest chapter of the Borovian society and is still recovering from the hemorrhoids that were the aftermath of the dangerous encounter.
  2. Is in imminent danger due to revealing Nodle's ISIS plot of suicide bombing Diplomuniun HQ. Possibly evading terrorist attacks as we speak.
  3. Blasphemer who just revealed he eats non-kosher.
  4. Equality, hard work, and productivity. The toppings are always there however comrade, in us. The pizza is being confiscated though.
  5. Is the cliche seductive infiltrator chick that tries to take down the protagonist via an affair, however is seduced instead and the protagonist gets away.
  6. Now owns a card board box home in Los Angelas and only had to prostitute himself for 200 hours a day to get it.
  7. Mind controlled by the illuminati due to an absence of aluminium. Therefore drinks sub par tea.
  8. Is more British then a life long orthodontic patient.
  9. Prospect of straight sex drives him into a fury.
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