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  1. Are you a slam poet?
  2. To explain that further: what I mean is I have an immeasurably greater knowledge base on the subject compared to anyone on Diplo given my experience with people who have said fantasies within the kink community. This experience means I am as close to an authority on the subject of how to hold/engage in said fantasies responsibly and respectfully by virtue of having a rather thorough library that contains many books on the subject, as well as the benefit of several workshops. Quite simply: I am more educated on this subject and the history of debate sorrounding it.
  3. Our

    Picture of You

    I was going to get mad about it then I noticed I was in there and was going to get mad about it anyway because he found the one picture I'm wearing anything.
  4. Our

    Picture of You

    I throw my hat in the running.
  5. Its a very nice dick. Honestly the best I've seen.
  7. I can skip this thread, right? Or has everyone forgot my ILLUSTRIOUS HERITAGE?
  8. Our

    Picture of You

    The most original junk on this forum is typically me posting stuff that the entire forum hates ironically.
  9. Our

    Halloween Costumes

    "Sexy" kitty. Black panties, cat ears and some whiskers put on with eyeliner. Its gonna be a kinky halloween party so I can't really put on a whole fancy outfit.
  10. The only thing more confusing than my gender is my sexuality.
  11. Honestly I don't get how anyone could hate that third picture. The way it works is just, well, aesthetically pleasing and I don't think I'll ever do bondage that looks better than that for a camera.
  12. Who fucking cares about Thurr. And I actually do lurk here from time to time, watching, waiting. To celebrate, I'm giving the gift that keeps on giving: reposted pictures of me that already existed in the picture thread, out of date and barely recognizable as me anymore due to the beautiful, never-ending evolution that is transsexuality. NSFW. All ropework in the photos done by Methen. Photos 1-3 taken by Methen, 4 by GlassVial, 5 and 6 by pixie84.
  13. Our

    Everyone is Gay for Our

    I'm waiting on my new photos from the last party. Should be a few that steak would absolutely adore. I'm always out to please my #1 fan.
  14. Our

    Picture of You

    Bane coming in for the bold stance breaking the mold Everyone else proclaiming they care so much about my penis they're willing to define me by it
  15. Because the child isn't in pain or suffering? Also, isn't a dog or a cat?
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