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  1. @ponasozis Hows the counting going? what ya on? "2160000" :)?
  2. @StoPCampinGn00b Ye he seems to have forgotten some from the lists :) + atm hive aint linked maybe you'll be able to change that now when your back ;)
  3. Hello I bring a message from Clan wormTastic@ Northrend(Europe) Creators of Hero Push. wTc[Dragon] the Developer of the Map, wants to CO-OP with a Streamer and/or Youtuber to make an informative and promotive Video. Appreciate Qualities: Capability in English. Familiarity with the Map or Willingness to learn. Ability to reach Posible Playerbase. Perks from this: Exlusive showcase of the map. 1on1 talks & training with the deverloper in preparation & during the game. Content for thier YouTube/Twitch channel. Possible continuation of Cooperation. For further information Contact wTc[Dragon] or wTc[JediMaster] in our discord, Or replying on this post. https://discord.gg/7DxUDBu If you wanna check out Hero Push we host it 24/7 on most servers with wTc_Hbot1. https://fvg.jimdo.com/ HP is kinda like a mix of DotA & Footies for an overall explanation.
  4. WB :PÅ Do you only play big scale maps or have you tried Hero Push too ;)?
  5. @UmbraUnda Hehe so aSoIaF then ;D and ye I saw the dubble walls & Storms end reminds me of aCoK mod for Mount and blade but cant really remember alot of the city/castle itself part from patchface xD About the rng deaths , I mean kinda like if you as a non-dorne unit walk in that desert theres a risk of death (cuz of some unknow reason or maybe just take dmg during the day or something idk. and simular in the north but I resticted myself only to the woods there. can not really say how deadly the forests are but both the north and dorne (and even the neck) are unhospitable locations so maybe something there would be fitting :) About the water level, if you played one of the lotr maps with isengard you might get insperation for the water (after the ents or something else destroy that dam you know) Humm ok so essos wont be one of the 12/11 players then (depending on your setup some use 1 player for NPC factions) About the "Warzone" [URL]http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Disputed_Lands[/URL] Oh another thing I forgot to ask and havent dubble checked if decided yet, but when will the maps timeline start? Well only happy to help ;D
  6. @Spankfurt use: Alt+M Alt+S -> Windows+d That should mute all the sound of the game so you dont have to put up with it while you dont have the game "up" And bring you to Desktop where you can open a program/window(or whatever) and when you have that one and more open Alt+Tab should work again (still with the annoying game music&sound in the backround tho.....)
  7. Well Took a few days but think most are back on again :PÅ
  8. @UmbraUnda This sounds like a good idea. :D Try not to make it tooclose to AWLR tho all that minimacro & micro is kinda annoying on the bigger maps :) But if you do give players the total freedom of builders and units maybe leave the cities and towns empty and allow the players to fill them with what they feel like should be built in there :p Maybe have buildings only beeing able to be build on special "plots of land" inside the walls and alike?? But oh well we'll see how it turns out GL & HF anyway :) (after seeing page2 with screenshots with layout, How Lorefriendly will control over the cities and towns and castles bee? for ex: Will riverrun be able to enclose themselfs with water? so that ladders to the walls is a major task? or will you just be able to run up to the gates as seen now? Will the bloody gate be a clusterfuck to charge? Can the Ironislands defend thier lands with thier fleet alone? or will hit & run landings be posible for others too? Will the Dornish Desert have rng based deaths for nonnatives same as Northend forests ? Planing to make the Desputedlands a major warzone between Lys, Tyrosh and Myr ? Will the Freehold of Bravos have splinter factions within itself "SeaLord/IronBank/Facelessmen" Same with the other Cities in Essos that have Inner Factions inside the difrent walls. Maybe have that be chosen as path in start? or a mix? How Far east will the map go? Dothraki sea or all the way to Qarth ? Lol merp this wall of text... [B]TL;DR - Lore-Friendly details?[/B]
  9. @hungneezy It is as @MaceMaul Say. This is/was an earlier & better version of GotH. Be4 the remake from "What if orcs won wc2" Senario to a "What if wow was cannon" Map. [URL]http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Glory_of_the_Horde_(WC3_map)[/URL] Link still has info from the older & better version it seems :)
  10. @annatar Well I dont know what youre playing so cant really say how bad you are or not :P @VanDenDale Thanks dear sir @ponasozis Deus lo voult! [IMG]https://2static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Oh+look+at+the+time+it+s+time+for_a5abc1_5767619.jpg[/IMG]
  11. @Feanor woah what? Your the one with the random question :S then you insult me and call me names when you get a themed reply... your exp with what xD ?
  12. @Gracia thx :PÅ @TheVinylRaider Inshallah ;) @CNiper Cant pretend to be you here :'( @MaceMaul Thank you, may the force be with us :) @Feanor For me or others? as a Jedi I lead the yonglings away from thier perents to our tempel where they can learn the way of the voice.. erm Force* @Thurr on ENT #18 currently it seems in 3v3 [URL]https://entgaming.net/customstats/castlefight/player/wtc[jedimaster]/[/URL] #6 in 1v1 [URL]https://entgaming.net/customstats/cfone/player/wtc[jedimaster]/[/URL] ok BK/DE/p1l1s/other I only have a few games and most of them were lost cuz I DCed or win vs randoms :P so but IDK so few games vs so few players dont mean alot tho :P[IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/307813451009622026/366253237487271936/unknown.png[/IMG] Trolling with some Himusta mass ;D
  13. Greetings from me and Clan wTc :) For those that dont know wTc were an old style clan that fokuses and develop Hero Push & Footmen vs Grunts both wTc made. FvG ofc just our own version we dont claim to be the first just the best ;) Me myself Im a roaming "VIP" fellow and try to be a little allover :P I mainly play HP & CF but other maps aswell when I feel like it. Been playing wc3 for ages and played alot of the difrent maps but not all. You might have seen me ingame or on another forum if your there :P Any questions about the maps or to me feel free :)
  14. Been on ENT & Hive & DE for some time now so seem only fitting I join here too :P
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