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  1. @annatar Well I dont know what youre playing so cant really say how bad you are or not :P @VanDenDale Thanks dear sir @ponasozis Deus lo voult! [IMG]https://2static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Oh+look+at+the+time+it+s+time+for_a5abc1_5767619.jpg[/IMG]
  2. @Feanor woah what? Your the one with the random question :S then you insult me and call me names when you get a themed reply... your exp with what xD ?
  3. @Gracia thx :PÅ @TheVinylRaider Inshallah ;) @CNiper Cant pretend to be you here :'( @MaceMaul Thank you, may the force be with us :) @Feanor For me or others? as a Jedi I lead the yonglings away from thier perents to our tempel where they can learn the way of the voice.. erm Force* @Thurr on ENT #18 currently it seems in 3v3 [URL]https://entgaming.net/customstats/castlefight/player/wtc[jedimaster]/[/URL] #6 in 1v1 [URL]https://entgaming.net/customstats/cfone/player/wtc[jedimaster]/[/URL] ok BK/DE/p1l1s/other I only have a few games and most of them were lost cuz I DCed or win vs randoms :P so but IDK so few games vs so few players dont mean alot tho :P[IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/307813451009622026/366253237487271936/unknown.png[/IMG] Trolling with some Himusta mass ;D
  4. Greetings from me and Clan wTc :) For those that dont know wTc were an old style clan that fokuses and develop Hero Push & Footmen vs Grunts both wTc made. FvG ofc just our own version we dont claim to be the first just the best ;) Me myself Im a roaming "VIP" fellow and try to be a little allover :P I mainly play HP & CF but other maps aswell when I feel like it. Been playing wc3 for ages and played alot of the difrent maps but not all. You might have seen me ingame or on another forum if your there :P Any questions about the maps or to me feel free :)
  5. Been on ENT & Hive & DE for some time now so seem only fitting I join here too :P
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