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  1. Just went to go join up on a game, and noticed that Azeroth Wars has been removed from the ENT bot for at least 2 days now; anyone know what's going on?
  2. Hmmm, you make a good point; it's just disappointing to see so many of my favorite maps recreated and improved upon on SC2 now, while my favorite one is unfortunately absent.
  3. Maybe someone could use Lordaeron Conquest as a base, and refine it into something similar to Azeroth Wars.
  4. Seems like a very quick glance, since the threads you linked to are either gripes by random modders in the community that didn't get much attention, or outdated by about 4 years. As Potatoe Head stated, a lot of the issues that plagued modders during SC2's early days have been done away with, and I've seen many more complicated and ambitious maps pulled off quite spectacularly; I think one of the commenters in one of the threads you yourself linked to puts it quite nicely: "With the extra power of the SC2 editor, comes the extra difficulty in using it. Besides, if it was too easy then the value of making maps would go down since most all types of possible maps would already been done in some form or another." Also, I can't attest personally to that trigger breaking every patch thing you mentioned, but I can say that the most trigger heavy and complex custom map I have ever played in any Blizzard game (one that involves land and space views, over 60 planets, and a working Stargate wormhole teleportation system between all of them) hasn't been updated in about 3 years and still works perfectly. I'm sure the topic gets brought up frequently, but I think the fact is there aren't any map makers out there willing to take on the extra challenge of working with all the more powerful tools of the SC2 editor, they are content to remain with WC3 where things are easy and simple for them.
  5. With how robust the editor is, I'm sure you could easily come up with a decent naval combat system; besides, Azeroth Wars was never really focused on naval combat anyway, it's always been more of a gimmicky add-on.
  6. Hey folks, I've been away from this community for a long while. In my time away, I've recently gotten into playing a lot of Starcraft 2 Custom Games. For those who aren't aware, Blizzard has mostly fixed the issues that plagued the SC2 Custom/Arcade Community since launch by including server-wide chat, and a more fluid join/host games interface. The kicker here is that they've even made Starcraft Customs/Arcade games completely free to play through the free trial version of SC2. As many of you know, the SC2 editor is vastly more powerful than what we have with WC3, so it's my hope that the current devs might consider taking development of the game over to SC2 to hopefully revive the Azeroth Wars series.
  7. They should add an event where Green gets the option to form a new faction with Brown when he goes Naga, and the vanilla units from Brown and Green get absorbed into their respective factions, i.e. LB can make Druid units now and Orange can make HE Magi, or something like that. Could be interesting.
  8. Thanks for coming back to work on the map, guys.
  9. Hey Lone Wolf! Are you going to send me a message soon or what? If you want me come and get me.
  10. Dave, you were the one who taught me how to play back in the day; glad you're comin' through for me again. We'll work somethin' out.
  11. I'm rusty and need to learn how to play again. Which of you beautiful people wants to turn me into a pro? I can offer a Teamspeak server for us to use and my sparkling personality
  12. Dave!! Train me in Azzy Wars like back in the day! I'm rusty
  13. I been around since way before that, mang; I remember when Purple could go evil and Pink started with the debuff from having recovered from the Demon Blood. But now I'm back to suck even harder at the game I know and love. Where's Sukramo though? It's not really a party until I can spray some Haterade on him
  14. Probably because my time in game and on diplo predates you, my sweet summer child.
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