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  1. Sounds interesting. But I don't like the idea of closing areas for if-events. Every area should be available in every game...
  2. One more try: If you don't save it yourself, the game saves it under "last replay". That is always the replay if the last game you played whatever you played may it be aw;lr or dota. You can go into the WcIII folder and copie the file and rename it then. Then you have the replay saved.
  3. He already has 3 heroes. The Northalliance is made as tree team-player-races, not for 3 soloraces from the beginning on. The gathering of xp is fine as it is now in my oppinion. Keeping one hero dead for levels from the other isn't worth it for me. What do you mean with fix the chokepoint? That chokepoint at the bridge is very nice to hold ... (Although I think you can at the moment go across the shores right next to the bridge.)
  4. And some nice spells with the range of the island, like tranquility, big bad voodoo, starfall and like this...
  5. It should always be saved under the file "last replay" if you copie it and rename it you have it :) (Atleast that works with me.)
  6. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D You could give the sunwell (under greens controll) the ability to remove the bridge of light for x amount of time or like this. Giving him some produktion buildings up there (and maybe even more towers?^^) would increase the defence. Making it a last stand up that takes few minutes to break would be ok with me.
  7. Maybe some kind of like from AoM-T godpower the vortex. "Vortex - Helios (Kronos, Oranos) - Teleport all military units of a player to another point on the map. " With a (gigantic) casting time and a warning so that you cannot place all your units over your enemies capital or army but unify them if they are spread in groups of 10 all over the world.
  8. Yeah that gate ... it stays invulnerable until either teal or dg get there after they won. So Sa cannot be invaded by Na or anyone via this way... This gate should be hostile but attackable and dg will controll it if it is still hostile the time ge goes to Stromgard. First of all: I have not really much knowledge about WC lore :D But this could be some kind of a compromise (if what I read is right, that Anasteridan died defending the Sunwell) Anasteridan could be bend to the sunwell and Sylvanas to the Silvermoon palace. So when the Palace dies Sylvanas disappears and the Bloodelves spawn and when the Sunwell dies Anasteridan disappears. (In that case green should keep controll over the buildings on the Sunwellisland although Silvermoon would have fallen.) JUST A TRY FOR A COMPROMISE :D
  9. Ähm, ... honestly I don't know how it is triggered at the moment when green looses the city while has already has Kael. Can somone tell me? When it came to the point that the na killed of red and green got him they uually won the game +-+
  10. I always thought that Magtheridon's spells fit quite well. He is a monster, made for fighting hole armies at once with his fatness and big weapon. Therefor this abilities are all good: Nova, massive attackreduction, cleave, monsoon. All spells against masses of units. ... @Daucta Kargath has a stun, though a chanelling single target stun.
  11. When the black temple is in ruins.
  12. That detail I lost :/
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