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  1. oh god only grunts when playing Teal. The triggers are real.
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Especially the Allahu Akbar one :P But seriously anyone know how to fix the windows? I may or may not start again by actually focusing instead of playing the one off game once in a while but the mouse thing is incredibly agitating. Also I'm pretty sure everyone would beat me right now hahaha. My APM's like sub 200 I think. Also I have gotten obsessed with watching a streamer named Destiny recently... I live in his chat now even at work... So yeah if you're looking for me I"ll be there :P I think the site was www.Destiny.gg
  3. Why thank you stranger! I am grateful for all of your information and help.
  4. hello person i've never seen nor talked to before. Do you have any idea on how to solve said problem?
  5. Hi! I'm trying to pick up this game that I saw online and I was hoping to join in. But for some reason after installing Windows (10?), I couldn't full screen the game and it was this itty bitty screen that made my mouse go out the screen if I tried to move the mouse around. Is there anyone that can help me out with this problem? I'd be grateful~
  6. I'm not dead! Just stupidly busy... Amurica's hard. I can't edit the first post even if I wanted to though >.> I tried and apparently due to the new word limit for the site, it wouldn't let me fix anything OuO
  7. WeoW lol. Hnn..I don't believe I'm conservative, but I AM Korean so I guess I would categorize myself as risk averse rather than risk loving. (Lawyer goes along with honestly avoiding risk too hue) I know that there have been people mentioning here and there that Azeroth Wars is making a transition over to SC2. My issue there is that....well the SC2 arcade is pretty... yeah... If the transition happened successfully I'll be happy of course since it would hopefully attract a larger audience pool. But realistically, I find it to be a high challenge and a gamble since we don't know what the replies for the game would be. If it's in beta idk put it up on team liquid and see what the replies are like? haha
  8. Uhh? I just said I missed it and the responses flooded in lol. I just highly preferred controlling my own stuff and relying on my own senses because that way I can focus on my own play and find my own mistakes. It's very difficult to improve on this game when I only play Teal. I also understand that it's a harder mechanic for other players especially since it would hinge on Brown not swimming away somewhere else and working together as an ally; a hard concept when you may or may not know your ally in a game with random unknown people. But, based on just my preferences, I enjoyed the possible avenue that allowed a faction more options to play solo. I never said that it had to come back lol. THE PR IS TOO REAL.
  9. I always missed the Light Blue get everything when Brown goes Naga thing. It was incredibly fun to just do everything on one's own. I just may be masochistic that way though o.o
  10. Haha this comes back every couple of months I feel.
  11. haha that would make us unchangeable. We're not that bad. It's just that our views are just different on this matter at this certain point of time. If we were legit old iron we'd still be bitching about how we miss the old stormwind champions and how yellow should be dg's bitch like the old days again.
  12. I haven't touched the game in quite some time so I don't know if it is the same function as it used to be, but as before the Plague used to bring in baron Rivendare and Kel'Thuzad lost his coil for a nova, activating the plague early might be beneficial more for the heal than anything else. At the same time, if you wanted to power level Kel'Thuzad, not summoning Rivendare early on is great for exp building, but I found this less effective early on. If it's just for the sake of the plague itself, yes it is a great distraction during the early game. The best, I feel, is in two ways: you engage NA and either bait them into your scholomance chokes or put pressure down while activating the plague and having them group target either production buildings or additional houses so that you have a bigger mass of zombies. It's all highly dependent on the situation that you're placed in. If you're just in your base and slowly building up your units/accumulating your gold, then maybe not activating it right away might be a better choice.
  13. Hey! Welcome/welcome back to Azeroth Wars. I would recommend watching Azothan to get a semblance of an idea of the meta to begin with, but I feel like from your post, you've been around long enough to know the flow of the game. I would say that practicing your mechanics might be the best to improve yourself. Taking time to have your fingers build in that muscle memory for your hot keys and control groups might give you that extra boost you need in a fight or control. The most mechanically intensive race is Teal (and LB/Orange to a degree) so maybe trying that might work out for you. If you feel that your mechanics are fine, then take the time to choose a single faction you enjoy, go to single player, and time yourself. At what time do I finish creeping, at what time does a research finish, etc so that you can get a sense of your timing window to attack and know when you are at your weakest. Unfortunately mid/late game for Azzy Wars is incredibly varied due to the map having 12 players, but if you have your early game down pat, you increase your chances of winning exponentially. Hope this helps and welcome to the community~
  14. Hahaha I haven't played in like 2 years. My opinion should and hopefully be wrong. It's just ideas that kinda floated when I saw the post, nothing more. But thanks for that belief in me <3 In regards to DG I can agree to a degree that it feels like Brown at the moment: just a big ball and you have to be able to control which spells to use at which time while fighting in large areas to maximize your melee damage while hoping the enemy gets in a choke for the AOE (spellwave for DG /that green thing Brown does). But then that ideology applies to any game with any faction so it's really hard to continue down this line of thought in my opinion. In the argument of LB and Yellow, while I have no idea what Yellow's situation is at the moment, when I played with LB it felt like a completed race because it was just incredibly fast. In Azzy Wars with such a huge map, speed/mobility is incredibly important because it gives incredible control. If we're talking about completeness where the faction has literally everything, Sentinels have an Obvious disadvantage in a strong tank line as we've seen in the older metas of Gray's champions ripping through LB's lines, no matter the huntresses mastery being taken. It's just that LB was incredibly adaptive and fast that the race gives off the feeling of 'fullness' but I can definitely see obvious weaknesses in that race just like every other faction (Except Teal hehehehe) I feel that if we delve into the NA vs SA argument, it will be rehashing the older arguments. It's a 3 v 2. There will always be an imbalance just by the player virtues themselves. What I'm recommending here is not a decrease in the tankiness of DG's lines, but just a wider variety with DG to do damage to the outer lines with his speed. If you prefer AOE and stuff be implemented to DG that can certainly work; but then it would just make every faction incredibly linear, especially in fights. Pop an AOE here and there, control a bit etc. I'm pretty sure I didn't win a lot of my games off of my amazing AOE and micro control. It was me bumrushing everyone with stupidly high multitasking. So yeah I think we're just having a difference in philosophy/ideology overall with how to approach it. I'd take your idea over mine honestly since I'm pretty sure you're still playing/you play DG wayyy more than I do hahahaha.
  15. I feel like you've delved into the problem of Purple being a race with too high of a solo ability rather than really highlight Dark Green's lack of damage. The only reason why I said this regardless of the first few paragraphs in the beginning is because of the simple fact that the points you mentioned is done with the other comparable faction, purple, in mind. I feel that not a lot of people would be very argumentative over how the early game for DG works. It's just the late game, and in a late game where you have a teammate, wouldn't it be better to serve as a supportive role and move away from a solo role? I like a clear distinction for each race, and I wish that DG would become a race that can be that speed, heavy multitasking race than the ball race that it is today. But then again, I'm like this because...you know. Teal
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