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  1. I've had a spanish cat for 7 years, cute orange one. I'd be very sad if he ever went away, he's just so lovely and affectionate. Also he's def. the best cat we've ever had: rarely leaves the yard, likes to come to people's bosom and likes being fondled and never forgets to say thank you (bite). Be sure you won't forget your memories, any experiences cannot best your memories
  2. Just another pop song. I can't imagine any one dancing to this. Quite sad if you think this is schlager
  3. Some schlager songs do sometimes have bit latino in them. People want diverse music, and this kind of song would make any dancer giddy. Seriously, crowd would get bored on the dancing stage if all the songs sounded the same. Here's few other songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oceCrwTVoa4 - here you'll see finnish dance stage I'll try to find some rock n roll next
  4. Schlager is very traditional in Finland, it has hint of rock n roll and pop. You can dance with partner to schlager, and there are many places to do it in Finland. Everybody listened to schlager in Finland before pop music came at 80's, when you could start making music by machines. It's still quite popular in Finland. Schlager songs are often about love. You can dance tango, valssi, foxy, masurkka, polkka, bugg, samba, cha cha to schlager music. I'm giving you this information, to demonstrate that schlager isn't any petty, commercial music like pop is, it's part of finnish culture and lot of people listen them perform live, and dance. I'll give you some links. - Jari Sillanpää, possibly finland's only gay schlager singer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVuLUnKGYDo - Matti ja teppo a popular duo in Finland, they are brothers, very charismatic - Still performs these days - Yö and Yölintu are both from the same city. Yö=night, yölintu= nightbird - Finlanders is also very popular. Superior beat! - Some of her songs are clearly pop, but we still define her as schlager singer. A lot of people stand when she performs, but you can dance too. I dance, and have listened lot of these live. What I like most about schlager are the pretty, clear voices. Lyrics are great too, no bullshit
  5. Those were great times, I wasn't an admin though, only LHoT shaman, even though a clan shaman can disband the clan if he wants, while bot admin can ruin 1-2 games before his adminship is taken. Xennon, give LHoT shamans adminship, your bot will become great under our protection
  6. Dropbox is basically a shared folder. CLOUDS!
  7. How come you didn't underline balancing? You clearly cannot do it you polish BOTR wacko. DAoW:A superior! Even if you would get a partner completing all those requirements they couldn't stand working with a lunatic like you. Even with the help of another person, you couldn't make your shitty map any better. ALL HAIL A! SOAR A, SOAR!
  8. vampkitty

    Picture of You

    He looks better to me as a male. But he somewhat passes as a woman so whatever.
  9. YAHHH VICTORY! complexity has quit, resinged from his position! A wise choice, LHoT was going to make a mass-attack against Botr, but now we don't have to do it. We've gotten what we wanted! Taste defeat, Botr!
  10. Rights for the LGBT community! Expect the T
  11. It's laughable how BotR tries to copy soaring LHoT and fails every time.
  12. Have you forgotten, that maps like DaoW:A, AW:lr, Wota, Fall of Quel'dorei are updated by LHoT. And they certainly are great maps. What does Botr have?? Shitty copypastes of Aw:lr 1.69. Shame on you! Just resign complexity, you power abusing derp
  13. Botr's members have defected to LhoT. What do you have to say to that? I am willing to stop this folly if Complexity resings from his position. He used his power to ban LHoTians for a silly reason. Fire him, and LHoT will stop this.
  14. But once a shitstorm begun when we called you peasants. And yes, we are elitist, but we have the right for it. We are LHoT.
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