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  1. where are you?
  2. You're a faggot here too.
  3. Run. Run away as fast as you can and never look back.
  4. Gary fuc- I mean Green fucking Oak picks Squirtle when Red picks Charmander. Faggot. I liked the ending lol, saving a game. There's also a manga http://manga.animea.net/pokemon-adventures.html which is good if your a pokemon fan. Also metal.
  5. Tsar bear has never amused shit.
  6. So your telling me you aint good nuff'?
  7. If I lent you $2000 to invest would you be able to double it in a 2 month period? Cuz do it.
  8. I grew up where this happened :D I remember it being reported originally but thats about it. Wasn't really OMFG BREAKING NUUUUUS I haven't heard this update either meh.
  9. 1. Do you still live in/near Valencia? 2. Better finish Megalos Ella.
  10. I'm curious as to how this ended but I rather not google it >.>" Also, the buyer had 4 days with that girl. I wonder what the terms of contract were? No Anal? 15 minute breaks every 2 hours? etc.
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