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  1. diiiiiplooooo

  2. where are you? no posting?
  3. where are you? no posting?
  4. where are you?
  5. wait why are you installing the PTR patch?
  6. yo im up for actually playing the map and tryharding. also few peeps spoke about the ISh community (12345p amongst others if i recalled name correctly) and they literally agreed you guys were the most toxic community. good way to get players for a dead map of a community with 20 ppl
  7. where are you?
  8. account is over 6 years old already wtf
    1. StoPCampinGn00b
    2. Talinn


      It seems like your account is over 7 years old.
  9. does anyone know when this patch actually goes live or how long this kind of stuff usually takes?
  10. South Korea's medal events are towards the end. I also placed some bets lol. A lot of these wintersports are really boring/pointless to watch. Short track speed skating is probably the most exciting sport to watch.
  11. yo you havent played with us in a while. im geussing its because we moved our ts. our new teamspeak ip is ts3.warclave.com
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