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  1. diiiiiplooooo

  2. omg i can't believe its you :O :O :O I am so happy about this. made my day.
  3. I don't hate them. What I said sounded harsher than it should but we in UoS equally insult each other as we don't take wc3 all that seriously. It's just the encounter we have with some of Zoom's followers who take it too seriously. They used to say in wc3 lobbies and on their own discord stuff like "OMG UoS stacking" without realising that we only play in the same team because we are friends. Unlike zoom's followers who play 5 hours a day, UoS has a lot of new players or people who play on an irregular basis so hearing shit like UoS stacking was just annoying as fuck. WE also are on voice chat so we like to play together instead of on different teams. It is also cringe worthy how they follow zoom around i guess. I love the work you are doing lordsebas and happy you are updating it which is the only thing that matters bottom line.
  4. oh man seeing all these names bring back nostalgia. still glad awlr is alive but the community feels a lot smaller and changed, with zoom's boy fan group following him and autistically repeating the latest phrase they think is edgy from twitch like "kappa".
  5. where are you? no posting?
  6. where are you? no posting?
  7. where are you?
  8. I feel guilty but I chuckled. gotta give it to him for the effort he put into this thread though.
  9. i like to think i've matured (or at least I hope so)
  10. looks like we are falling back to old habits lol.
  11. wait why are you installing the PTR patch?
  12. fuck off. LTA (and its even more cancerous brother LTF) is everywhere like DOTA used to be. thank you so much lordsebas for your work on LR
  13. I think its because when we had the ent auto hosting bots there were loads of new players and average players. now the playerbase is smaller and I always see the same people. when we played on the ent auto hosting bot i barely met people I know. Now I see zooms squad in almost every game I play or dave_rolf or someone.
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