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  1. This sounds not at all safe and maybe deadly :/
  2. Tfw its almost 2 am you know you need sleep cause you have had less than 12 in the last week but you not tired at all feelsbadman
    1. Abdel


      TFW you're so tired you can't even grammar.
  3. X152Leader

    Light vs Dark

    Drift dark is the best and wtf
  4. I don't know if this is roasting him or gracia more? :/
  5. X152Leader

    Fuck u cunts

    It's far to late for that
  6. I did say it was a shitty picture.
  7. here is a incredibly shitty picture of me from last year while I was working BSA summer camp
  8. X152Leader

    Fuck u cunts

    He is gwaiin lets keep that in mind when setting standards for him
  9. this thread has already gone off the rails that was faster than expected
  10. according to gawain while she is not the age of concent in canada if one party is 16 and the other is within 2 years its fine
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