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  1. An alternate path I always thought would be interesting is if LB could revive herself and her people. She wouldn't be able to do it until lvl 10 but she would be able to resurrect and gain high elves instead of blood elves. At this point she would not be able to produce any of her original undead units. Her dark rangers would become high elven generals/ rangers and they would have an ability like star fall but call it volley. Her main force would be focused on ranged and the high elven archers would have fire arrows or an arcane shot. Idk. Just a thought.
  2. I'm so happy that someone is updating this game. By far my favorite custom game of all time. I just got back into WC3 and I cant' seem to find a bot for DAoW. Add me on wc3 if any of you want to play DAoW.
  3. you can't merGe grey and green because they are not on the same side. They represent 2 seperate factions. Get off greens nuts. also, name ONE game that has an old god faction in it? I can't think of one.
  4. ZJ did NOT shapeshift.. lol. That was the final boss there. ZJ was just leading the attack on ZA. ZJ is a badass and DAoW needs to reflect it. Don't touch Kargaths ulti.
  5. I can't understand half the things Nekor types lol. Though ZJ shapeshifting? That was a dumb idea. He's a shadow hunter not a druid. I do think he needs a new model and more damage abilities. He should be a sound hero killer imo. No one that wasn't a badass would threaten Garrosh like he did, i know i know, this isn't WoW QQQQQ. I say rework Zj abilities and make him more like a mix between the shadow hunter and beserker in dota. Give him the net that immobilizes and stuns, a spear throw tipped with poison that slows and applies a DoT, command or trueshot aura, and his ulti should be a badass decent damaging spear throw call it spear toss or a ability that renders all near allies invulnerable for 5 sec though that would be pretty op so idk. Though the shapeshifting idea sounds good and would be pretty cool for mal or fandral, I think it would just be too much to implement.
  6. As am I perk, as am I... Let me know if you want another clever joke, I have plenty.
  7. Oh that was clever! We got the same joke in Sweden, but then the joke is that the baby tomato gets hit by a car and the dad just says: Come now ketchup. I like the wordplay in the English version better. You managed to entertain me. I am pleased!
  8. Damn red, thats some hot ass singing. I got a hard on listening to that range.
  9. Ok! So a dad, mom, and baby tomatoe are walking down the road. The baby tomatoe starts to fall behind so the dad tamoatoe turns around, steps on him and says catch up. LOL! Get it? Its like ketsup..
  10. I'm bored. Entertain me!
  11. I disagree. Not that I was ever one to just spam a unit at another player. I like to be in control. If I can't put the units in a ctrl grp, then they don't get used. Though I always make units for defense and as a on hold army cuz you nvr know when someone will try to kill off your bases while you are away.
  12. I prefer to engage my enemies in a cat and mouse situation, me playing the mouse. I will engage with a small force and lead him into a perfect ambush which efectively traps and rapes thier entire army heros included... Im just fking with you. We all know the way to go is to mass it up like a champ. :)
  13. There is an LK in Cata, he's just good. BUt no expansion in wow will ever mean as much or get me as excited as WoTLK did. As far as a cata DAoW, f that. I like how this one progresses through the storyline then you get access to cata shit later.
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