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    Meh, it just makes me mad that everyone that voted against brexit thinks so high about themselves.. It's like hey I saw 3 youtube videos and read 2 newspaper articles about this. I am now master of this subject and everyone that thinks otherwise is stupid. That's like 90% of those people who voted to remain in EU...
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    So according to you ''average Joe'', living in countryside should not have the right to decide faith of his country as everyone else. Because he is inferior to you or what? How can you be so elitist? It appears that you think you are better than them, yet you immigrated to country that was made by those ''average Joes'' if you really strongly disagree with them and democracy go back to wherever you came from and try imposing you fascist views there.
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  5. Damn, I was 11 when I came up with that nickname in Warcraft 3... It's that my name is Dušan, most people call me Dule so I came up with leDu. Genius, right? Btw is there any way to change it now?
  6. Yeah, my bad, I meant most of Slavic nations.
  7. Yea, meh it's just that many people nowadays try to glorify AH empire, while in fact it was very bad for most of it's inhabitants. And also some history revisionists here in Balkans are trying to portray Gavrilo Princip as a terrorist that fought only for Serb cause, while in fact he fought for freedom of all Slavic people in Bosnia, Croats and Muslims included.
  8. Well all the help they provided later was under pressure of Russia and France. I'm just telling that they needed to wait almost a month before being evacuated. Foibe massacres and Cold were 30 years after. Also first thing you said, about WW 1 destroying Serbia. It is fact that around 25% of population died but many historian believe that war with Austria was inevitable, and there was great chance for Serbia to lose independence again. I mean death toll is horrific, but other option, disappearance of a nation is even worse in my eyes.
  9. God your ignorance hurts... Where did you get that information? After Serbia was attacked by 3 armies, Bulgarian, AH-an and German (led by August von Mackensen), front was destroyed and army had choice of either complete surrender or retreat. Since natural pass through Macedonia was blocked by Bulgarian troops, Serbian army was forced to retreat into Albania. While retreating Serbian army was attacked by local tribes, and lost around 200000 men to winter hunger raids and diseases. Upon arriving to Adraitic sea, Italians sent telegram to president of Serbian government Nikola Pašić in which they informed Serbs not to cross Shkumbin river otherwise Italian troops would attack them. Only after diplomatic intervention of Nikolay II of Russia did allied countries agree to help. So on 28th January 1916 French government sent all available ships to help evacuate retreating Serbs. They were transported to island of Corfu and there regained strength to return to Salonica Front. After the war Italians were against united Yugoslavia. They even helped Greens (Montenegrin separatists) to start rebellion. So don't talk about things you don't know.
  10. Well we got really off topic here, but situation was much more complex than you think. You see Moustafa, when Prague Slavic Congress happened in 1848, unification movements were all around Europe. So the idea was pretty real at that time. Problem with Slavs is that unlike Prussia in German unification or Piedmont in Italian we had no real unification center. One could say Russia, but Russia was in bad position. It was feudal absolute monarchy until 20th century, where new ideas were mostly forbidden. Another problem was that most of Slavs lived in Habsburg empire where they were second class citizens. Even after they fought for that empire for centuries they still couldn't get basic rights. Voivodeship of Serbia and Banat was disestablished in 1860, and Military Frontier in which Slavs had some self government was demilitarized in 1869. In 1878 regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina were occupied by AH troops, even though Serbs in region were fighting for independence for years. In years after AH forbid all Serb and pan-Slavic movements, many famous Serbs were often arrested. So it was pretty justifiable for Gavrilo Princip to kill ruler of AH empire. After WW 1 started it was decided that goal of Serbia was to unify south Slavs in one country. There were many reason at that time for this, but I don't think you're even interested. After creation of Yugoslavia, most of people were happy with new country. Only problem was that country was monarchy with Serb king. So most of what was going on in Yugoslavia from 1918 to 1941 was fighting of different political currents, republicans, federalists and monarchists. Ideas of completely independent Croatia or Slovenia were not much popular at that time. After some shit happening in Yugoslavia Hitler decided to completely tear it apart. Even so he first wanted moderate, popular Croatian politicians to be in charge of NDH. They declined because they were still loyal to Yugoslavia. So Hitler installed puppet regime of Ustashas, which proceed to exterminate Serb population of NDH killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. After that war, Yugoslavia remained as country cause of communists, but as time passed hate between different ethnicities only grew, and it resulted in war of 90ies.
  11. It's 5 am now, so I can't bother writing too much. But here, listen to pacifist Bernies speech in 1999. And also here is what Trump says about US foreign policy. http://newswatchreport.com/item/228551_donald-trump-it-was-a-great-mistake-to-bomb-the-serbs-who-were-our-allies-in-both-world-wars
  12. I have Samsung galaxy grand prime. Got it cause it was cheap and had a nice internet and free minutes offer, also my friend recommended it to me. It worked just fine for like 7-8 months, but after that it got really really slow and now crashes a lot. It's also not really practical cause it's 14,5 cms long. On positive side it has really good battery life, and fine camera.
  13. So? It might be election in USA only but it affects whole world. Foreign policy of many US presidents caused so much unneeded destruction around the world.
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