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  1. personally i hate the idea of having to pay to play a game i already fucking paid for.
  2. i have played and got bored they pissed a lot of people off when they started wiping accounts and made it you need level 21 to build bases
  3. jackbob


    jackbob but that game is in beta and already is confusing XD
  4. jackbob


    its a game i have been going back to. (browser stuffed up so its in number bulliton form) 1. free to play (with option for paying to help out with server costs) 2. anything that you buy can be found by killing stuff 3. tatical space shooter not good at discribing games so the only real way you can find out is by downloading it. And its only arround about 300 to 500 mega bytes perfect for people who got a space limit http://darkspace.net/ if you need anything explained read the manual first if you still can't make heads or tails on somethings. just type into the chat box /send jamesbob (message) with diplo at the end and i will see what i can explain. (or just ask arround) no swearing allowed :(
  5. jackbob

    = Picaroon!=

    sure bloody will :)
  6. Jack, what server are you on for BSG:Online?
  7. jackbob

    Feanor needs help

    :D tip you do not want suggestions from me. however if you do one moment. *opens game locker* ghostrecon adv warfighter 2 (not advised you die easily if you get shot by a sniper twice in the chest) stronghold collections x3 superbox (includes all the x games plus bonus contents songs and mods) lotor the battle for middle earth 2 rome total war redalert 3 tom clany end wars r.u.s.e bfbc2 c&c tib wars 3 wanted weapons of fate (for single player not multi) mass effect one and 2 (and 3 when it comes out futuristic shooter) should i go on :) (yes i got a lot of games i mainly collect them and store them for when i get bored XD) 500 gb hardrive for the win :D
  8. jackbob

    = Picaroon!=

    offically going to get rid of the game. hate login in to find terrible ai has made my ships blow up i will take my chances with battlestar glatica online beta
  9. jackbob

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    yeah i might not be on for a bit guys. had to reformat got a virus. so i am going to be backloged at least a month downloading patchs for all my cd games.
  10. jackbob

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    XD seige cannons i just spam lens defences overpowered to the max add four level 4 fireshipyards and its a pain
  11. Dooo you hear the peopleee sing!
  12. jackbob

    = Picaroon!=

    ??????? hmmmm well if you want i will remake it. (never mind yah did remember me :D) now for some screenys (hmmm its taking a bit) YIPPE
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