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  1. Yeah, I imagine that if Labour suffers big losses Corbyn will definitely have to resign.
  2. Not really socialist. I mean, socialism is a transition state to communism so arguably not at all. But it's, as the name suggests, the party of the people. Expanding social security is their biggest focus. Secure NHS, secure housing, secure employment, etc. The Labour Party are the only valid opposition because Greens are stupid, SNP are power-crazed anti-Brexit twats who only serve Scotland, Lib Dems are fucking traitors who are so far up their arse they still think they can reverse Brexit, and UKIP have a lot of racists.
  3. Basically. Anyone pro-Brexit in Scotland might finally say fuck you to the power hungry Sturgeon little wanking fucking twat. Anyone anti-Brexit in Scotland will vote for that tosser. Anyone who is really thick and up their own arse thinking that Brexit can still be prevented will vote Lib Dems. Anyone who loves Daddy Corbyn and wants to see a smile on his face as he warmly embraces you will vote Labour (I am among them). Anyone who agrees with the Conservative's vision of Brexit and Britain and shit will vote for the Tories. But yeah, the Tories will flat out win. There is no chance for them to be overtaken by anyone really. I think the SNP might lose some seats and Labour gain a bunch but I don't think much else will change. Labour are recovering and are legitimately the only other opposition party. If there are any Lib Dems in here then I swear to fuck.. no I don't need to waste my time with thick'o's. But it wasn't that much of an impressive move, we all knew it was going to happen. She needed to secure power, and now is the best time since article 50 has been triggered and Labour is still in recovery. In short, R O L E P L A Y E R
  4. Thou art a fine young mistress, methinks that thine eyes shimmer whence they came upon the stars! For when thine ladies come about this place, I feel a fine shudder creep up my orifices, like a droplet of water spreading forth down one's back.
  5. Who said that we're not autistic? You silly sausage! That's why I called it 'roleplay' hun. Everyone's just a roleplayer. That's what the online world is. An expanded roleplay. Ask Bolvar if you want some tips xoxoxoxo I just roleplayed for my little princess Hawk, either you really don't understand my personal roleplay online (which you should by now, it's not hard) or you're just thick (and not in a kinky way).
  6. That's not very nice :( You're an unkind person. People like you make the world ever so slightly worse. I say 'ever so slightly' because you'll never have the power or influence to make any noticeable difference to the world, you just make everyone you meet slightly worse off. And of course, I make the assumption that you will never have power or influence because your intellectual capabilities are nothing to be proud of. [spoiler=Roleplay]It really begs the question of how relevant we all are, and whether we will make a difference. I mean, I know that one day I will make a difference in the field of artificial intelligence. What you appear to be is a normal guy. But not just a normal guy, instead you are one that is commonly known as 'a bit of cock'. I mean, forgive me for making assumptions, but just scrolling through your 'recent activity' on this forum to find when you liked my post (this was just Saturday) I noticed that you were on this forum very regularly. Too regular, in fact, regular to the point that it's pretty fucking sad. Therefore, given your age (21), I could assume that you are either unemployed and/or have no social life. Clearly having such high regularity on a forum with a bunch of guys on the internet chatting shit about a fourteen-year-old game is evidence enough of this fact. This idea of you being a sad sack of shit could explain your behaviour here, as on the internet everyone has an approximately level playing field. Therefore through the mere-exposure effect people might be able to stand your presence. And clearly, as we can see here, this has happened. However this elevated status, in comparison to you in person, could have developed a form of ego. A, "I'm not so shit here", cockiness if you will. But also as a third-party in UoS affairs, assumedly, you automatically see yourself as morally superior. Of course, this is a stupid assertion, but I suppose it fits the guy. It's as if without understand the friendship dynamic of the group, you are judging the group. It is quite a pathetic way to live your life. Instead of being an uptight shit, I'd wholly recommend looking in a mirror and thinking about how you could be a decent person. Understand that just because some humour doesn't click with you, it might click for someone else. You don't have to be a vain fuck and complain about it. </blog> Thank you and goodnight.
  7. Orlok

    Picture of You

    His name's Peter and he's a Pisces, which probably tells you more than I could xoxoxo
  8. Orlok

    Picture of You

    I don't know, it's 3:45 and I spent the last ages reading through this shit for too long. You guys are so sad, I love it xoxoxox Here's a lil' something from pops.
  9. Confirmed lads! Everything is acceptable to joke about bud, my brother's fucking autistic. Do I give a damn about jokes about autism? NAH. I'm of the ginger haired variation, do I give a shit about ginger jokes? NAH, No need to be a lil' bitch about it hun.
  10. I believe that most people with a decent enough maturity level would move on. I mean, shit he made a crap event and forgot to test something. Get over it man. You sound like some fucking desperate slag mate. He won't ride your cock if you treat him like a bitch. Girls like nice guys, not jocks.
  11. I like beans on toast, never tried it on bread. Thanks for the suggestion.
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