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  1. Fu Mace I’ve had enough of you and your shitty city maceburg, it doesn’t even deserve a capital letter!
  2. Continuing on Saturday this week, starting today around 8-9 GMT Also governments/missions expanded mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1349005102&searchtext=missions https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1596815683&searchtext=goverments+expanded
  3. Gunna play some EU4 with WC3FAM people and some of you guys so all skill levels are here, base requirements are to run over one speed and hope that my internet doesn't cut out tonight but other sessions I will be back on camp with more "reliable" internet. Standard rules apply, i.e No hugboxing - max of two allies No Ming Joint wars of aggression agasint another player within the first year If there are sufficient players the ottomans can be opened up for a player but a counterballance must be there No seducing other peoples wives. I will be playing England :@)
  4. When are we disbanding diplo and moving too teamspeak?
  5. It’s not really solved though is it.
  7. Yo don't take my Halo in vain @Burden
  8. I question your commitment as you haven’t even been active on the discord for 2+ years, FACT!
  9. Iv'e already proven myself, if people haven't seen this already there isn't much more I can do to change their mind. Edit: Since my time here my supposed "inexperience" has been filled with months of gaming in 7D2D servers when they have been active, playing 70+ sessions of D and D that last for hours, Warhammer tournaments, HOI4, EU4 and Stellairs meet ups on a weekly basis Without Fail, the countless matches of HOTS or mess abouts on SC2, the close quarter fights on Insurgency, the screams that echo in people ear drums when a zombie sneaks up on me in Killing Floor 2 the list could go on and on. I take the time to listen to people or wake up at 3am for meetings, something other people wont do despite their time zones. I took up the administrative role of treasurer and not once was there a major problem, and rather than leaving on the spot and passing on the buck, I stayed and completed my work so all debts were settled. So when Jimmy insults us by saying he was "active, non stop" that couldn't be further from the truth. Where has he been for the Easter and summer events, where was he when the communist manifesto was written, where was he during the schism, where was he "active" at any point on discord because I hardly seem him now let alone then. Furthermore writing 145 words which equates to a long test message isn't really note worthy. So I stand by my first point, my past is my evidence of my accolades and commitment to those that believe I have done nothing.
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