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  1. [ATTACH=full]6698[/ATTACH] Ayeeeeee getting my profile pic out there worth.
  2. http://www.usdebtclock.org/ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dogecoin/
  3. A few days ago we were violently assaulted, violated and most importantly disrespected by these sub-human cretins. This thing had the gall to join, post a link and instantly leave without even saying hello. Upon and inspecting their home, these mongoloids can't even count from 1-10. Rule #2 "Do not post links to other Discord servers". Therefore we have declared war on this server and will plan operation Stromboli Group A: Red Squadron - Posting my little pony links Group B: Gold Squadron - Posting DIPLOMUNION SENDS THEIR REGARDS images Group C: Blue Squadron - Posting disgusting shit THE GATE: https://discord.gg/GyYhMva https://media3.giphy.com/media/YJDpfht5PU5i0/200.webp#28-grid1 Join us in discord voice chat for coordinated assault. TARGETING: #Galaxy-Venting, #Raid-Defence-Office, and #Selfies-Face-Reveal LIE LOW UNTIL WE'RE ALL READY TO GO!
  4. StormTrooper

    Space Engie

    Anyone want to get a campaign of Space Engie going?
  5. Buy into FTSE 100 we been going up forever. When brexit info is coming through pull out wait for it too drop because investors get scared, buy low it rebounds - Profit. Rinse and repeat for the next two years and you will be golden. Don't believe me look at April 11th 7365 points - April 19th drops to 7114 points. April 26th 7288 points. One whole month later its higher than ever at 7547 points.
  6. Props to CNiper doing the twitch streams and giveaways. Cons - Some of the game choices I don't believe should have been available - CSGO/Payday/Chivalry those three being games people don't play a lot and more so to those who actually come onto discord and partake in events. For those three i'm pretty sure each session lasted less that two hours - 7 days is the opposite to get into the game you will need more than one day. I loosely organised the Stellaris day which didn't take a lot of effort, just a simple forum post ( I rarely go on forums) because I wanted at least one day to be decent. Ended up with eight people at the start and got bumped up to around 10-12 human players as it went on. I was only here during the Christmas event but I don't understand why the admin team changed from that format when it worked fine. Get the list of games up (come to that later) and ask someone to lead that day i.e. Wolf for WH last time. That way you personally don't need to organise it and its less work for you. For how the games were chosen I know Patreons pay to maintain stuff but they should pass at least two criteria. 1. The game they choose, a decent amount of people own otherwise its just a wasted day if only two people can play. 2. They got to turn up for their game and play it, otherwise again whats the point. For the more popular or time consuming games i.e. Stellaris (if its weekend base) don't put them on Sundays as the amount of time to get a Paradox game in is reduced heavily which is why I asked for it to get moved to another day that weekend + 7 days on the 7th day come on people. For the voting of games themselves make it so people can see what others voted for rather than it being blank + I think the event wasn't advertised enough or people were just too lazy to turn up probably the latter. Moist
  7. Hello This post will cover. 1. The date of when the game is set to be played. 2. If you can already make the date that's already been set for it - how long could you play. 3.What do you think the settings for the map should be. I know a few people who did vote (most voted game) but aren't able to make it because they are either busy or have work the following day the latter which will also reduce the amount of game time since Stellaris is a long term investment game if were only playing on one day. So for the reasons of time constraints and availability I would like it to be moved to the 28th or 29th as there is sufficient time in advance. I can make all three days from the 28th to the 30th and play all day. Depending on how many people there are will affect the map size. Map - Spiral (2) or Elliptical AI Aggro - Aggro Fallen Empires - Max Planets - 1.3-1.5 FTL Method - Any Empire Placement - Random Endgame - On
  8. Guess I gotta use the forums rather than discord : ( Is 7 days even going to be functional if people come on, if it is might want to make some basic instructions so that people can manually update stuff and not have a bunch of people asking the same question. Also can we switch around the dates of Stellaris and 7 days, most voted choice but on a day when people have work the next day and having half that number of people who voted playing will make it a long game +6 hours at least.
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