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  1. where are you? no posting?
  2. I expected this thread to be full of jailbait, Feanor, disappointing.... you've changed...
  3. You're a faggot here too.
  4. Why do you guys still play this... its pay to win.
  5. Was that actually Ayuoobi? How did you convince him to come back to wc3?
  6. We need to applaud Mass for his improved punctuation!
  7. King

    Shit Hits The Fan

    Mongolia would like to have a word with you
  8. In Australia there is also a law where grocery stores/super markets/any shop can only sell cigarettes from one cashier/checkout. I don't know about finland but most people get addicted to smoking, it's easier to not smoke at all then trying to quit smoking. Smoky breath is gross and taking up smoking because of bad breath is a horrible reason chew gum instead.
  9. Everybody has to look at those pictures/adds... Besides, smoking is so fucking unhealthy for the smoker and the people around the smoker. It's actually good that these pictures act at deterrents because smoking is pretty disgusting and it will be good once society drops smoking all together.
  10. King

    Gangnam Style

    I didn't realise anyone cared about the most viewed youtube video
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