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  1. Yes but she otherwise has more measured views on things like gun control and immigration, and her anti-war stance has been spun as dictatorial support (specifically with Syria, you can look that up to make your own opinion). So for the progressive base, with 2/3 of those issues currently on prominent display, she's not pleasing to them compared to the alternatives. Russian internet efforts have also mildly suppported Tulsi thus far so some progressives basically view her now as the Russian Dem candidate like Trump was for Republicans.
  2. She's more of a general election candidate than one able to survive a primary dominated by progressives. So I don't think it will hurt her chances because they are already pretty low. She needs three more qualifying polls to make the mext debate. Some candidates will probably drop out once they can't make it in, but the primary will go on for a very long while yet so it won't be a death blow. Once all the moderates who aren't Biden drop out she could suck up some of that support. On another note it's a shame that Tom Steyer (billionaire) will be qualifying so easily. At least Yang is in but Tulsi should be as well since she's a fairly distinctive candidate that also seems to have some crossover appeal with conservatives, but that quality doesn't yet matter so early on.
  3. Unless there was a new development I haven't read, "repealing" the bill was a sort of purposeful mistranslation. They more so officially stopped work on the extradition bill rather than withdrew it. Also I'm not sure why you would hold that type of protest against them. Protest is only effective when it can't be ignored, e.g. blocking streets and airports. Isolated incidents of violence is pretty much inevitable with spontaneous mass protests no matter how peaceful they are, as no one controls the 100k+ who have protested, and with that many people, idiots and misread situations are inevitable. If people give the police slack, we can give some to the protesters too. I do strain to think though on how this could all end well for HK, not simply the protests, but their overall situation as a political entity long-term.
  4. Even if this protest blows over completely in Hong Kong's favor somehow, the long-term loss of independence is still in place. If people didn't have plans already, the average (capable) person is going to have an exit plan in place by 2047. What ultimately happens with Hong Kong will be interesting, but interesting in a "bad things may happen" sense. I hope the worst case scenario is just brain drain - that China basically lets everyone who wants to self-deport in a sense. Otherwise as China continues to take advantage of modern tech to enforce its authoritarian regime, the disparities between the mainland and HK will continue to grow and grow (with a possibly intractable gulf already existing), making peaceful reintegration unlikely. Since China is huge on territorial sovereignty and expansion, but also wanting to become a global leader, it leaves them few good options for dealing with an insurrection in Hong Kong. Encouraging dissidents to emigrate to another country over the course of the next 3 decades could be their best bet for avoiding a conflagration that could spiral out of control in a million different ways.
  5. Not much lately but things in my life are settling down to allow me to establish a work routine again for the map. The Horde is basically done, and fixing and updating all the object data for the Alliance players should prove to be a far quicker process since I already know what I want to do (and a good deal of work was foundational). I'll ignore most of the gameplay changes I wanted to implement just for the sake of getting the thing out. Plus since it's been a while since I've seen a lot of the gameplay, it'd probably give me a more informed idea of how certain systems and mechanics would work out if I have fresh memories of how people are playing and how newbs would be approaching the map.
  6. A shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder could help it scale up long-term then as a centralized repository rather than attaching it to a thread - you could sticky a link to the folder. Posting individual updates is still useful though to act as an announcement it exists.
  7. I don't think it would spark a world war, nor is anyone likely to militarily oppose anything China does in regards to Hong Kong. What makes this time different from Tienanmen Square is that a harsh crackdown would endanger China's bid for superpower status. If China was still undeveloped, the international order generally wouldn't care just as they don't for other atrocities that occur today, but China doing a similar crackdown now (when Western media is also already prepped to report live on the situation) would invite the possibility of the world uniting against China diplomatically. Long-lasting damage would be done to China's reputation and the Belt & Road initiative would be endangered.
  8. Does anyone see a way out for Hong Kong? Their sovereignty reverses completely to China eventually and no one is in a meaningful position to stop China from resorting to a very heavy hand.
  9. As a sort of media pack? Cool.
  10. Cell I posted it in the context of diversity speculation being stated as fact. We'll see Captain Chile on screen soon enough.
  11. Title is misleading since it's just typical YouTube speculation. I do think a prominent Muslim "superhero" in a Marvel movie (with the actor also a Muslim) would actually be a brave step forward for diversity instead of the usual rote Hollywood diversity. The Ms. Marvel movie would do that as well but we'll see if that project happens and who they cast.
  12. Not much, the terrain of the map should mostly be familiar, it's one of the sacrifices I'm making to speed up map development since I consider it less essential work than overhauling the object data as the terrain can just be done later. I will probably still reterrain Stratholme and that whole area though to match modern maps (even if it was sorta accurate for the WC2 era, a lot of that Lordaeron land is underutilized anyways).
  13. I did it a while ago, I just figured it would be something visual to post.
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