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  1. Watching also means you're influenced by their style, tone, emotions, looks, etc. rather than solely the content of their arguments.
  2. Eagle my inbox is 1300% full with 660 messages out of 50. Any fix for this ?

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    2. Spankfurt


      That's brilliant Eagle. Since 2007, you've been my go-to guy

      Can you move Jimmy into the clan GoTE section?

    3. EagleMan


      He already has that user group status

    4. Spankfurt


      Just bringing us back to older times. Half of my messages to you were to move someone into the group

  3. They only had their way to the extent that there wasn't money to be made, so no one cared. There's a difference between "the internet" and "Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram" and the other handful of big sites that most people spend nearly all their online time on. No one's looking Diplo's way for example, for good or ill. If you think of the internet as an extension of real life, it makes sense then that governments wish to police it. That doesn't necessarily mean establish a fascist state, but to police it nevertheless, and some entities will naturally go too far or implement some poorly thought out or implemented policy. Governments let these companies become far too big for their own good, such that they effectively became the new public squares despite being private entities, so now governments are trying to awkwardly compromise by making them police these squares since the government isn't in a position to do that themselves. And if somehow these boneheaded laws lead to the Big Tech companies being fined out of existence with laws then rewritten afterwards allowing small businesses and a better internet to rise from the ashes, that would be an unlikely but nice outcome, but more likely we're going to see a big showdown between endless Silicon Valley money and government. Whoever wins we'll probably lose.
  4. Political discussions on chat platforms tend to have less substance though since you have to give an immediate response. If you're more arguing values and thought experiments it's not so bad, but it's not like you have time to check out sources for something. In the modern era though mobile browsing is by far what most people do. Diplo's probably a little less though because we have fewer zoomers and because we're based around PC games.
  5. Pineapples are known to predate on humans, they digest your mouth as you ingest them, so I don't know why you would put them on a pizza.
  6. Delete that before Bors sees it
  7. EagleMan


    >See now where we have been forced to live for a thousand minutes >But soon we shall rule all of Diplomunion and the Old Guard will be gone >Diplo Gamers >Diplo Gamers >Diplo Gamers are too small and weak to take over Diplomunion by force
  8. Also I was thinking more in the context of the specific gifs posted - certain sprites and such things would downscale well to be clear at about a 28 px limit.
  9. I'm not sure if the ratings system here supports gifs but even if it does it really complicates things compared to a still image.
  10. EagleMan


    hey it's that one hoarmurath guy, what is up with yall. A full inbox? Interesting
  11. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    They're trying to do an Irish goodbye but the Irish won't let them
  12. What I mean is the number of people who would've watched the actual livestream (versus watching a playback later on Facebook or elsewhere) would've been pretty low so I'm interested in more details if Bors happened to be one of the few who actually saw it live, such as how his colleague came across it.
  13. How did they come across the original livestream? It was posted on 8chan and only about 17 minutes.
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