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  1. I don't know. Given the number of custom models there are likely issues.
  2. Who wants to call Iowa? My boring answer is the 538 prediction: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, but maybe the last two about equal. I think now that the primary is finally happening, fans of Sanders/Warren are feeling a need to more strongly commit to one candidate or the other. Biden and Buttgieg by contrast are officially moderates but I think are very different candidates in what they're running on. Slate also argued that part of the campaigning success so far may be his quietness and general lack of flash - with sleepy Joe being an advantage, not a negative. Basically the gist is that people are so tired of Trump this or that all the time and they desperately want a return to a Presidency where they can just tune out instead of having to worry about senile Twitter ramblings that upset trade or foreign policy. Biden isn't a drama machine and with the glow of Obama, that might just be enough for most people. For contrast some Dems may not like a Sanders presidency because it would then alternatively mean the conservative media crying about Sanders 24/7, Sanders this/that in every topic, helped along by his own more charged rhetoric.
  3. 2.01c released Dwarven Warriors is a protection issue, and I'll see if remaking the unit helps whenever I do that. Karazhan could be something, I'll have to research the lore and see if just a little magic box is appropriate. Otherwise it's already a pretty isolated area of the map (i.e. if Alliance is there in force the game is over or heroes are super leveled), so some minor Alliance base could be interesting. An issue with Stormreaver navy is Gul'dan's lack of revivability. Gul'dan being lugged around navally on a regular basis is dangerous because having the transport ship dies means he dies. Players would tend to either have Gul'dan sit out or lose him in a frustrating way.
  4. 2.01c - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/301235/ Changed Kirin Tor Healing wave from 100 to 130 healed and cooldown from 20 to 14s Changed Summon Fel Beasts to now summon 1 instead of 2 Fixed Death Knight upgrades not upgrading Death Coil on its second tier and the research tooltip being inaccurate Created an upgrade for Paladins to increase their stats and Holy Light ability, available to research at the Capital Palace and Scarlet Monastery Fixed Holy Light tooltip being inaccurate (displayed 200 healed when it was 140) Paladins’ Holy Light can now self-target Removed basic caster research upgrades from Scarlet Monastery Gave Paladins a passive Cleave ability, 20% damage Decreased Anti-Magic Shell (Soothsayer) shield life from 500 to 300 Increased Siphon Mana (Khadgar) cast range from 600 to 800 Replaced the Stormreaver Fortress near the Thandol Span with a Stronghold Lordaeron Castles can now train Paladins Gilneas Town Halls can no longer train Marines Added an Outrider elite unit for Stromgarde; 1 placed at front lines Trebuchets can no longer be trained at capitals and castles and have had their hotkey/button position modified Changed Sage Aura graphical appearance Fixed Gul’dan not having a credits screen icon Changed Monsoon (Grillok) cast range from 500 level 1 / 300 other levels to 600. Changed Thunder Clap (Kilrogg) AoE from 250+35 per level to 300 flat. Changed Flame of Stromgarde cast range and distance from 500 to 600. Changed Windrunner teleported units from 1 to 14+6 per level. Changed Lightwave (Uther) damage cap from very low values to 2500+500 per level level. Changed Carrion Swarm (Teron) damage from 150+50 to 100+50 and damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level. Changed Arcane Blast (Rhonin) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level. Changed Flame of Stromgarde (Danath) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level. Changed Rain of Fire (Nekros) maximum damage per wave from unlimited to 1000+250 per level. (Level 1 would have to hit 50 units to cap out) Changed Blizzard (Antonidas) maximum damage per wave from 500+200 per level to 1000+250 per level. Changed Inferno (Khadgar) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level. Updated Null Burst (Gul’dan), Shockwave (Aiden/Orgrim), Blizzard (Antonidas), Rain of Fire (Nekros), Lightwave (Uther), Arcane Blast (Rhonin), Inferno (Khadgar) tooltips to indicate max damage. Updated Void Arcana research tooltip Updated Arcane Arts button position and fixed lack of hotkey
  5. How could Trump destroy Bernie? Trump is a coward, he hides behind his Twitter to talk to the world instead of to the press and constantly runs off to his campaign rallies for positive reinforcement. He lets in very little contradiction to his world. You get Trump on stage with someone who's actually willing to go toe-to-toe and I think the result could be very embarrassing for Trump. I could see Sanders bullying Trump. If a politician isn't playing on "classical" rules like Clinton did and Biden might, and Trump isn't engaging with fellow Republicans like in the primary, I think Trump is actually very exposed on stage. He's barely had to be tested at all in that sort of environment, I mean even against Clinton he was reduced to blubbering no puppet no puppet.
  6. 2.01b - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/300435/ Fixed Orgrim not starting at full mana Changed Rhonin’s starting Strength from 14 to 16 and Strength per level from 1.4 to 1.6 to not leave him so far behind HP wise late game (previously 950 HP at level 15) Removed the Mastery upgrade from the Violet Citadel as previously intended Fixed Priests and Sorceresses not having their attributes upgraded by their upgrades Fixed the hotkey for Explode on Demolition Barge Fixed Stormtroopers not upgrading properly Fixed Horde armor upgrade capping out at 3 levels instead of 5 Fixed Lighthouses not having Magic Sentry and Reveal unlock when upgraded Fixed Rend’s Bloodbound not being able to target ground units Fixed Charge availability issue for Burning Blade Blademasters Fixed leaver messages for Lordaeron/Bleeding Hollow Changed Death Knight Devour Magic mana per unit from 25 to 45 and summoned unit damage from 200 to 250 Changed Death Knight Death Coil cooldown from 6 to 8 seconds Changed Arcane Shackles cast range from 600 to 650 Reordered Riflemen tech order from Long Rifles/Buckshot/Full Grain Leather to Full Grain Leather/Long Rifles/Buckshot Removed Repair from Riflemen Changed Ranger damage sides per die from 5 to 4 and Cold Arrows damage bonus from 25% to 5% Catapults can now learn Burning Oil Blademaster Mirror Image now deal 25% damage instead of 0 and the ability now costs 100 mana from 125. Tooltip fixed. Fixed Blademaster Wind Walk tooltip Fixed a display issue with Blademaster Critical Strike tooltip Blademaster initial mana amount changed from 250 to 200 Changed Mortar Team, Ballistae & Siege Cannon attack range from 1150 to 1000 Changed Dalaran’s hero icon order to match control group order Fixed Horde units not having their melee/ranged attack damage properly upgraded Fixed Summon Spirit Bear Fixed Talisman of Evasion tooltip Changed Red Dragon limit from 3 to 4 Changed the icon for Resilience Added neutral Goblin Laboratories to Booty Bay and the Tomb of Sargeras gold mine that can sell Zeppelins, Shredders and cast Reveal for a price Changed initial camera location of Twilight’s Hammer Clan Added a custom model for Gazlowe Zeppelins
  7. The story of when Godzilla went west instead of east and the Soviet Union had to defeat him
  8. Any good movies about that? And I mean some slow burn atmospheric bone chilling horror too if possible
  9. I didn't really get into Hereditary at all, I liked Midsommar a lot more. It had more interesting cinematography and directing and also sort of had a happy ending in a horror way.
  10. Let's hope this throne thread doesn't have a Game of Thrones ending
  11. Sounds like a map protection issue, I'll look into it.
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