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  1. The meat isn't top tier, but it's basically buffet meat because you can have as much as you want. Plus the shared grilling is supposed to make it more sociable, and people tend to feel gratified by cooking it themselves even though it's made easy for them to get it right. Just everything else
  2. Might depend on the KBBQ you go to since a lot of Asian places care much less for American standards of service, but you have to ask for the meat and then keep asking. Anyways the more I eat Asian food the more I... never learn to like it much, which is unfortunate because my life has only become increasingly Asian over time.
  3. No not really it's just the way it'll have to go. Especially if I want it out in time before Jimmy becomes Jimmy McGill, Esquire.
  4. I eat sushi for fun so I can puke it up and laugh and entertain myself and others. If I'm eating Asian food to actually eat it I'll just go for Korean barbecue. On a tangential topic someone also took out a nearby sushi place with arson, no clue why. So I suppose my vote is that it's the very worst but I'd still try a bite knowing I will hate everything about it.
  5. Yes it meant I couldn't do any work in the last week I had real time available to do a lot of editing. If you saved the map in the editor it scrambled text data map wide, e.g. Uther would be renamed Learn Death and Decay (R), which was obviously a problem considering the map has more object data than 99% of maps out there. I keep backups though so that wasn't an issue but if I didn't the map would've been dead in the water again. I'll try to see what I can do going forward but I'll likely scale back my ambitions and just get the map to a releasable state and take it from there as things settle on my end.
  6. Can I get the uncompressed version?
  7. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    Chads rise up
  8. The title had me hopeful that we intruded on the domain of bird people.
  9. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    Then you come to find out it's only men that have masturbated to you.
  10. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    Did we all go through middle school?
  11. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    That would activate God Mode. You can still be horribly injured, but you know you wouldn't die in anything you do before that date. Stop masturbating to people you know
  12. Looks like the replay upload issue was fixed then? Was about to look at it, but let me know if there are any other issues. There's also Dropbox or Drive too.
  13. EagleMan

    Site Feedback

    co.nr... now that was a good domain
  14. EagleMan

    Site Feedback

    If I was a betting man, I'd say beer barrel might get an uptick in activity given how many of your other like minded communities are getting deplatformed on social media giant outlets. It's a good point. It may not pan out for Diplo, but I think people are increasingly uneasy with how few corporations control the sphere of online discussion. Far right types will realize it first but that may trickle out to a broader awareness. Unlike the 90s and 00s when forums were at their peak, there's plenty of ways for users to channel their money in a convenient way to people now (e.g. Patreon), so being self-sufficient financially is easier. A negative of forums was their habit of dying because the owner couldn't be bothered to pay for it out of pocket anymore. As long as you don't try to host images and videos, a forum can be pretty cheaply scaled up for a large audience.
  15. EagleMan

    Ask Diplo

    The new style is to quote posts and state your rating, e.g.:
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