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  1. I was going to make my own thread but just now decided not to be more sensible and reply to this one. I got WC3 ROC for my 12th birthday many years ago. In the following years I became immersed in the custom games. Of all the terrific titles, Azzy Wars stood out. I played and played and played. And then I didn't. Things slowed down. I played WoW. When SC2 came out, I was so excited for a renaissance of custom maps. As you all know, it never came. I played some ladder, gave up and moved on to other games. But I still think about Azzy Wars and all the good times that I had with good friends (many of whom are lost forever in the ether of the internet). I reinstalled recently out of nostalgia and couldn't find the game I really wanted to play. Judging by the existence of this forum, the game is at least semi-active. Tell me: how do I play? Is it possible to login and simply find a game? do I need to join an organized group? Thanks
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