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  1. HBO presents: Game of thrones season 8! A Kiss of Guys You did Drama, politics, power monologue, gay romance before it was cool in 2012. Congratz.
  2. And we make Gamerisle pay for it all!!!
  3. I have just started to play AW again and I really missed those Dave - Sukramo discussions. I feel like 18 again <3. I became naive though. I entered this thread to read good ideas about future races and well... Recently I played a lot of green and honestly I have got to say that I would not mind having an invulnerable base in Zul Aman at all. The gold I got there is necessary, but Zul Aman does not necessarily needs to be THIS source of gold green needs st start. You do not even have to make something up. For God knows what reason Trolls are all around in eastern Quel Thalas not only in Zul Aman itself. Just take all of the creeps inside Zul Aman except that annoying Zul Jin, place them around Zul Aman, place some new invulnerable units along with Zul Jin inside Zul Aman and voila! Green still gets his gold, there is no stupid Zul Jin 3 hitting poor priests and all of Zul Amans potential will be preserved. You could even add an additional cp there, I would not mind. Years ago I already urged that late game events are heavily lacking in this map. Trolls are one of the EASIEST races when it comes to possible late game events. Billzard filled all corners of Azeroth up with Trolls. So many possible events to get new stuff. And when it comes to balance, I absolutly see no problem. Dave, as you have above mentioned a scenario where Trolls would come and screw the NA/evil start fight, the solution to this problem is as easy as it could get. Create a trigger that prevents Trolls from taking any Troll bases outside of Kalimdor, as long as the World tree has not been captured. That means Trolls (Horde) will only get Zul Aman/Gundrak at a time, when they would have invaded EK/Northrend anyway. And at that time the start fight should have been over. If not, in that case the problem is NOT related to an invulnerable base at all, but to the fact that both NA and evil failed to finish their start fight in time. I do not see the reason for the shittalk regarding the economy posts from Dave. I mean, this forum is meant to post ideas and share your thoughts with the editors and the rest of the community. I have posted many tier ideas as far as I remember and they have never been introduced despite the amount of likes my ideas recieved. The reason were rather, that the editor teams changed or they simply decided not to ad tiers to all races/teams. It is interesting though, that you rate the quality of Daves posts based on how heavily they influenced the map. It is getting even more interesting with my memories coming back of somebody else posting walls of texts in various posts about possible changes regarding the map that never actually made it in. You probably know the ideas you had in the past better then me, but I remember they often were not added to the map either. Was not that the reason for creating Genesis (TTW??? lol) anyway? So why screwing around about Daves ideas? And ofcourse, the income things could be changed as easily as you say, with some creeps added/removed here and there or some cps buffed/debuffed, but that does not mean that we are not allowed to suggest alternatives for the existing system.
  4. I have no problem with gays making a parade, but I have a general problem with the abuesament of Media to insult other people. I mean, sure there are some certain Muslims (the kind that is being bombed in Syria and Iraq since 2014) that would instantly kill every gay person they find, does not mean that all Muslims are like that. If there would be a Muslim Parade with posters insulting gays and whatever I would condem that, as much as I condem this one. You have your right and your freedom to express your opinion, but you should not have the right to use your very own freedom to insult others. The one who uses freedom to hurt others, is not worth being free, in my opinion.
  5. That explains why somebody liked one of my posts written by me in 2012. I was like teh fuck??? I forgot your name but whoever you are, derp for reading through this thread and herp for likeing my 2012 post <3
  6. Maybe Volrath died in an accident? How rude of his parents not to tell us
  7. "I could understand a Fireelemental or even a Dragon..." -WestFlame To summon a Fireelemental is definatly a firespell. As I have already said, I d even understand if one would argue to summon a firebreathing Dragon is a Firespell, but not a suicide bird sorry.
  8. When it comes to Lore Kael is a Firemage, but in AW or WC3 in general well... meh. He has Flamestrike, thats the only real firespell out of 4. That Phoenix does not feel like a firespell somehow. I mean, if you think of fire after how many years of intensively thinking a Phoenix comes into your mind? He suddenly burns down at a certain point wow. I could understand a Fireelemental or even a Dragon but a Phoenix? No. Thats a summon spell not a Firespell. Atleast in my book. What else he got? He can turn himself or other people astral wich makes the targeted unit immune to physical damage. Except for some good players who use that to save Kaels ass or even an allied hero, that pure spell exists for trolling. And he can siphhon Mana I think. So I agree, Kael is really a "unique" Firemage. He is the only Firemage in the whole universe who uses only 1 Firespell. If thats a Firemage, Muradin was a Firemage once, too. He once had a Firebreath years ago. His other 3 spells had nothing to do with Fire, but hey thats the Kael-build of a Firemage it seems. A real Firemage has atleast "BARELY MINIMUM" 2 Firespells (not that poor excuse of a bird who suicides every 30 seconds). I d even say a REAL Firemage needs 3 fire based spells with one of them being the ultimate. Anasterian already has a Firespell. Even though that one is melee based he could keep that one even though I d suggest a change to a Phoenix wave like the one in CotH has. Then either keep the Mana shield if you really want to limit him to 2 firespells or give him another one. Like an infection based fire spell. If a unit gets hit by Anatserian it will explode upon death or something like that. He defiantly need to keep his Brilliance Aura as 3 spell and then add a Fire ultimate. I d suggest the reimplemantation of the Flamestrike, but nerfed. Stronger then the casual one, weaker then the old one but without a damn cast animation pls. Or just use the Phoenixwave/Firewave as ultimate. The list of Firespells is pretyy long. Longer then many others it should not be a problem to give him atleast 2 ranged based Fire spells.
  9. Anasterian once was a caster in AW. He used to be based on a shitload of healing spells. He had the heal purples and DGs chaplains have, but stronger and in more waves. He also had his brilliance Arua and his ulti was Tranquility. A fucking good supporter hero who nobody noticed since NA especially due to OJs mass healwaves exploded out of healings. Even though that is also completly bullshit regarding lore, that dude was way better. We also had a caster Anasterian who had an Falmestrike as ulti that dealt like 800DMG in a HUGE AoE. I soloed LB as green those days. Believe it or not I killed Sylvanas in early game to level Anasterian. Even though he was a little bit op as a caster, that was regarding lore AND gameplay the best Anasterian AW ever had since I am playing. There is only 1 logical option for Anasterian in my opinion. A Firemage. A bigass Firemage. Everything else will at the end just feel wrong.
  10. With "stick around" you mean having only 1-2 cps on islands nobody cares about and to annoy other players destroying their fun with some lame tactics? Honesty I d appriciate it if teal would lose everything once the Black Temple is dead (atleast in the start fight, once SW and If are dead that trigger should dissapear). Lemme just mention, staying once all of your capitals (and your allies capitals if you have allies) are dead is NOT usual and should NOT be supported. Rather should be supported to leave for rmk and try it again.
  11. A very succesful political ideology? And what about the Jews? What about the black Africans? European soldiers would probably hunt them in Africa like they are animals. Also, it was not Facism that brought Germany back. The thing that held Germany down was a corrupt Democracy. One leader, if he has all the knowlegde to run a country, who holds to a certain degree all power over the state and governmant is able to improve the conditions of the state rapidly. What brought Germany back was an authorial governmant that had the power and the will to do whats necessary to make Germany a strong country again, unlike the Weimarer Republic where like today politicians keep making false promises and prefer to talk about problems for ages, because of their ideological diffrences and the diffrent interests of the various investors. Facism itself had nothing to do with it, because an authorian or even autocratic governmant does not necessarily mean Facism or Nationalsocialism. Maybe not by definiton, but atleast when it comes down to practical realiszation of Facism racism is always included. Not necessarily Jews, but people who are part of a minority with a diffrent ethnic background that is viewed by the dominant Culture as inferior will end up oppressed. That is exactly what we can even witness in some european countries where the right winged extremists are on the rise. I would also support a more authorian maybe even autocratic state, because thats the only thing that will eventually lead to a solution for problems. But you need to distinguish between being authorian and being Facsistic. As soon as Racism is included, it has gone to far.
  12. It is kinda dissapointing you re a Fascist. Fascism in general is dissapointing. I am dissapointed.
  13. First how dare you post something about NA/evil fight here? Have not Mopei and Frozen tried hard enough to show what all this is really about? Ok now seriously show me a diffrence between a sea invasion of red at the northern coast of Tirisfal or if he teleports to Tirisfal? Where is the diffrence if red attacks Stratholme via sea invasion right into the harbour and a teleportation invasion at Corins Crossing? At the end, his teleportation will aim to take down one of these 2 capitals and I can not think about another spot where red could tp to except for Tirisfal and Corins Crossing. Maybe the road above Andorhal between Lordaeron Capital and Andorhal, but that should be impossible since your main army is focued around Andorhal. The Plaguecauldrons + Workers there are the first ones to die.
  14. That is not an explanation. Any Blizzard picture is reasonable since the AW section is a WC3 based forum. But why an Orc? Even if you play Horde (wich I did aswell), why an Orc? Thats disgusting. They stink, they are uncivilized, they are barbaric and they stink. I deny rights of Orc women, does this count?
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