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  1. also, i've been reading through the thread, is the SKS worser or better then the Legal CA AK?
  2. Feanor what the heck how is that possible?
  3. hmm.. did the teacher change his method of teaching after that?
  4. Viscount if I own a house, I have the right to decide who should or shouldn't be in it. You can't agree to disagree on basic rights.
  5. WAIT NO THAT WASNT ARRR bad birthday child >(
  6. Happy birth day! this thread oddly reminds me of this guy in my class who had his fb hacked to say that it was his birthday. HE was pissed all the people saying "gratz!!!!" "happy bday!!" :D
  7. Burn

    How Dating Works

    Nay, the BROTHER-in-law is marrying her. Not Baledwyr. >.> oldfags failing <.<
  8. Burn

    The Real Paisley

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA exactly my facial expression.
  9. Burn

    The Real Paisley

    this is like porn but in words. :O
  10. Burn

    Wars , racism ,

    Blackout. One Word. AWLRFags.
  11. HEY! I saw that picture before. Isn't that a picture of an irish dude?
  12. According to what i've read about marijuana, every 3rd person in the world has a possibility of becoming insane by trying marijuana even ONCE. It may be wrong, but that's still troubling to hear. Also, the fact that you would say that nobody has "died" from marijuana in over 4000 years is also wrong. Does nobody die of lungcancer? Does nobody die of all the bad shit u do while high? Does nobody die of all the bad toxins in Marijuana? ><
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