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  1. Like Spank I've been playing Warcraft III since the mid 2000s. Started out just playing everything under the sun such as The Twelve Kingdoms, Broken Alliances, various tower games, and so on until I stumbled upon the LotR community. Used to hang out with the likes of Wingfoot, Gil-Galad, SuXoR, The_Holy_Sausage, Clan TSF, and so on who created War of the Jewels/BFME/Various LotR maps. At some point I fell out of contact for a bit and came back to discover that the forum everyone went to got deleted/stopped operating, and the LotR community had kinda died. Drifted around just playing random maps, and a few LotR maps with whoever was still around from before the deletion. Until at some point I stumbled upon GoTE/TBC/Quam after playing...Azeroth Wars/Legends of the Second War/Dark Ages of Warcraft/Some other Diplo related game that I can't recall, and the rest is as they say history. Quite literally since it's been almost...11 years since my first still recorded post on these forums. Rather puts things into perspective, that.
  2. There's making people aware of the dangers of smoking, and then there's this. Why not go after the tobacco companies for all the other shit they put in their cigarettes instead of wasting time on this, and likely fueling a black market for cigarettes like in NZ Bors is to be believed.
  3. Morgoth

    Who broke Diplo?

    Clearly this is all Abdel's fault.
  4. Happy Birthday, Abdel.
  5. Morgoth

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year! *Goes back to consuming his greasy fuck-you-hangover breakfast*
  6. As always, Mustafa. Merry Christmas.
  7. Morgoth

    Ask Diplo

    A shame that it's no longer on the net, and hasn't been for many years.
  8. Morgoth

    Ask Diplo

    I do now! May it never be forgotten again.
  9. Morgoth

    Ask Diplo

    Huh, interesting. [quote name='Red']I mean I used to be a mod and literally wrote a song w @tangelos for diplo[/QUOTE] You did? The song thing I mean.
  10. Morgoth

    Ask Diplo

    I know I generally haven't paid as much attention as I used once did to Diplo, but... ... ...Right, just gonna be blunt but has Red always been a girl? I could have sworn Red posted some photos at one point where it was otherwise around when they first appeared on Diplo, unless my memory is playing tricks on me after so long.
  11. Happy New Year Diplo, and may there be many more to come.
  12. As the title says, Merry Christmas Diplo! Now quick, someone change the backround to something christmas-y, and put Holly Jolly Christmas on a loop like they did a few years ago!
  13. Morgoth

    About Abdel

    Hey @Rith You should totally re-upload the game if you still have it.
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