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  1. nodle


    Feanor speaks for the Russian Oligarchy
  2. She is. Also let's be real, Trump has a powerful base of supporters across America just due to the massive political divide between the Democrats and Republicans. Truth be told, I think he has a decent shot in re-election unless a charismatic democrat that isn't a establishment candidate is nominated in the primaries. The acid test will be the presidential debates.
  3. nodle

    Public Square

    This is what people should focus on, the walruses want to enslave the free peoples of Diplo to rules!! How could anyone with a soul vote for such a monster.
  4. nodle

    Public Square

    It's simple really, by voting for me your voting for reform for the return of Pre-schism Diplo. The relaxed Politics channel will encourage Political Autism to migrate to DM, I will push for a Weeb Channel that will contain the degeneracy instead of it spilling over into the Pub and NOT ONLY THAT, I have information that will lead to Abdel's arrest.
  5. nodle


    For some reason Jimmy thinks he is immune to a smear campaign. Who puts trust in a person who has avoided Diplo meet ups all his life. Who can reliably play with a man who has 500 ping in a non-remastered Greece? He even killed off his beloved community of ISH with his repeated disconnects mid game. His computer looks like it came from the time when Steve Jobs was young. The man even has no M i c r o p h o n e. Instead he blows his money away on materialistic things such as "women" and "cocaine." Jimmy is many things, but a respected leader? A calm mindset? A reformer? Well Jimmy can be many things, but none of those fit the description with reality. Jimmy has and always will remain from a position of a criticizer, without moving a finger himself for all these years. Now onto that incumbent sloth-like Walrus. A creature fit for only stealing others hard work and platform, a more relaxed politics channel? Who does he think he is stealing the platform I fought tooth and blood for. Not only that, but he annually says "FUCK YOU ARTHOS!!" in VC for every paradox match, how can we allow such a maniac gain a position of power? The animal is not fit to lead. Bane, what can I say? The man was apart of the disputable SCHISM!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for last and least, Dragon. The UOS autist will put Diplo 2nd and Warhaven 1st, who can vote for such a defiled spawn of Gracia, that will white knight for her in the discord, banning those she proclaims "Pedos." A vote for nodle is a vote for safety, security and ORDAAHH!!!
  6. nodle

    The Candidates

    Party: United Diplo Federation Platform: I will push for a expanded social aspect of the Diplomunion Discord, what I want is to find more interests of discussion to add as well as more community challenges/events like the legendary Diplocom adventures. About me: From an early age I was shitposting on the Diplomunion forums, I survived through the waves of anarchy and dissent of its lifetime to be here now, to represent the larger community in it's time of need. I've always have and will facilitate discussion because I am genuinely interested in doing so, even if I have to take the devils advocate position. A vote for nodle is a vote for the whole community, remember, Service Guarantees Citizenship.
  7. Yeah cell, where's your ROAST??
  8. Damn that was a shredder for many.
  9. Had to wait 4 days for 3 responses. Very thought provoking, and mind changing responses that have impacted me far more than any discord post ever done. /sarcasm
  10. I only post in discord for fun discussions such as politics and the pub. I don't see much fun in the inactive forums at all. Make a discord politics channel.
  11. Feed is a interesting function. However it's a bit spammy and maybe each individual feed is too much text. I also use my phone to shitpost because its convenient.
  12. BBQ Chicken with Pineapple is amazing
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