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  1. Yeah cell, where's your ROAST??
  2. Damn that was a shredder for many.
  3. Had to wait 4 days for 3 responses. Very thought provoking, and mind changing responses that have impacted me far more than any discord post ever done. /sarcasm
  4. I only post in discord for fun discussions such as politics and the pub. I don't see much fun in the inactive forums at all. Make a discord politics channel.
  5. Feed is a interesting function. However it's a bit spammy and maybe each individual feed is too much text. I also use my phone to shitpost because its convenient.
  6. BBQ Chicken with Pineapple is amazing
  7. nodle


    @G93 Apparently Bane, Abdel, Cniper and Phalanx nerd raged at each other and now have entered a crab-like dance of death for the successor state.
  9. Canadian Head of State is still the bloody Queen, we just have a prime minister that runs the show.
  10. Because Europeans have been there since time immemorial, the local americans were genocided. So calling me a American actually offends the true geographic locals, also there was this thing called THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION where Loyalists ran away to Canada and considered themselves British and not American.
  11. I'm Canadian not American. Canada may be located in NORTH AMERICA but that dies not make me american. It's like calling a Mexican an american
  12. First, I'm not American you ignorant swine. Second, I used Indonesia as an example because it wasn't Islamic once upon a time. Look into modern times now and you see crazed terrorism and religious conflict. Thirdly, I made that statement because it could be taken both ways. Some people are ignorant amirite steaky
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