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  1. purple used to be able to go evil. if you remember those days then I applaud you cause everybody hated purples.
  2. 8.You have to send at least one picture of you having sex with a cookie
  3. Cook em up with fresh dick in the oven.
  4. This is genius. Pure. Fucking. Genius.
  5. Its a great idea but nobody will do it cause chances are they'll get lb or something
  6. Bill Nye went so hard. He actually raped his competition
  7. Hyped, cant believe the new season is so close.
  8. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    Just enter a personal shell and never leave.
  9. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    sometimes you gotta let them touch your hair and play with their cookies while they do it.
  10. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    I love the little ones with the silky smooth hair. Plus I can take their cookies... after we do things. Such as watch wonderful television.
  11. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    Id rather enjoy some cookies.
  12. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    There's a word for people allergic to chocolate. Communist
  13. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    Which kind do you prefer? I typically make macadamia nut and reeses but I can do what sounds good <3
  14. jeffypeffy

    Ask Diplo

    Enlighten me baby. I'll make some fresh cookies for yew.
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