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  1. talinn id like to point out i also sent kurdran and gave you like 15% attack speed, i think that purple could use more room to manouver though
  2. While teal has it easier with upgrades he also has to spend much, much more on army because of his need to 100% be on the offensive. going above 2/2 or 3/3 at sometimes its a dumb idea while the fighting is going on because 2 incomes without additional unit production is usually the death of teal. The lategame problem stems usually from aoe dmg and other effects like plague which negate unit upgrades. Armor also has diminishing returns in the amount that it reduces, so the first few upgrades are far more crucial than say going from 5/5 to 8/8. I've only played a couple games as teal since returning but fighting against him + ass him it seems like the real problems are brown/pink/orange with their abilities to heal while also putting out good buffs/debuffs/some aoe dmg. Teal's units themselves are fine, since 1150 hp grunts with chaos dmg is probably one of the best units in the game, its just that the health pool doesnt matter because your opponent will outheal your rain of fire with any basic aoe healing.
  3. Teal definitely lacks lategame ability to hold up to massive blobs of units unless youre able to catch them in a wide are such as barrens or parts of lordaeron. I think that an attempt should at least be made to see the viability of having 13 players. While the 1v2 is fun, after you win the south fight youre left with 40+ CPs, like 500 income, and essentially forced onto the defensive unless someone else' fight lasted 30+ minutes like teals sometimes can. So id say just give it a chance.
  4. I seem to be experiencing some issues with the strength of druids in the current patch. Currently with his instant 8 unit spawn along with some treants and the chosen one spawn the faction has little difficulty maintaining a fight while the mana flare along with frost nova(some nature name) shreds about anything that brown can encounter mid to late game. Maybe yellow counters him? But in a few games against apparantly competent people( I dont know most of the current plays but a lot of people in game will act like it's a death sentence for them) I've been able to roll just about any opposition without light blue even being present. Scourge can be a bit scary with the massed air but balance affinity along with some dryads(which outrange everything except siege) and a frost nova or 2 can cut through any attempt to stop your mana flare. NA gets butchered because of their need for abilities to offset weak units. I've yet to fight a strong horde but unless they can dunk both of your south bases before you're in ashenvale and claim every creep for themselves I dont think they can stand up to the air power and sustainability druids have. The southern alliance seems the most resilient since champions backed by rifflemen and mortars are immune to mana flare spam but fall prey to 7 frost novas(200 plus 300 are dmg). Teal is a joke if you have mana flare. Not trying to complain about something broken since I enjoy playing the night elven factions but if you survive past 5 minutes as druids it feels like its impossible to lose the game short of a big tactical upset or surprise.
  5. Jimberino will you be setting a date now? pretty sure weve got both captains War4life :^)
  6. This don't look too good for the US BOYS I guess we gotta unban sean
  7. We could just take a note for AoN and make like 3 to 5 trade docks in the NW corner of the map. 1-2 for canada and 2-3 for the US. If teal is given canada maybe the US should be given to France. Maybe its because youre up against WG, but france feels like the poorest country in the game baring early game LB for me.
  8. Maybe copy lords of europe and have everyone spawn on an island in the southwest where they have 2 shops to pick their nations so you can see whats picked and pick accordingly? Along with having almost 24 preset capitals, and with how greece is played its not like youd need 24 players. Having a few missing doesnt change alot unlike AWLR for example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ancient_Greek_cities I don't know of any major "city states" outside of the current ones however other than like corinth but thats represented by a capital anyways. Maybe just sporadically place a few capitals depending on high population count or at least some significant historic reason?
  9. whens the diplo discord vs gamerisle discord 5v5 tho :^)
  10. We should dedicate one day of warcraft to 6v6 inhouse etc such as ish europa blah blah, and the other one to minigames such as uther party, goth. Ill help with hosting/finding games on the last day if needed
  11. Techoff

    The End Game

    But in all honestly, it seems to be a source of drama that these two communities are still divided when we play almost the same games(or used to) and , although noone cares, I think itd help the WC3 sections of the forum were gizzle and diplo were to one day integrate.
  12. Techoff

    The End Game

    But what about those stranded behind enemy lines? lots of old veterans like sir/drago/mario/etc think about the future abby
  13. Techoff

    The End Game

    As you all know, assuming you've payed attention to the ongoing Great Discord Border War, Inferous and, praise be to him, Lord Panther have been pushing conflict between the discords in order to absorb the opposing one. I think that we, as a community, need to come together and use our expertise in WC3 clan diplomacy tactics to solve this obviously very important(not really) crisis. We should all join together in a single discord, especially on this upcoming night of garrys mod memes, and no longer have to split eachother. I know, it may seem like a blatant attempt to be relevant, but I believe that I would obviously be the best choice to administrate this new discord with an iron first.
  14. This was an example provided to me(assuming you can see the image) that shows something that occurs from unnecesary features that either serve no purpose or are too easily abused
  15. 1. The problem with demi heroes is not that some are stronger but that theres so many. My complaint, before you generalized it, was about clutter and comparing it to how AW used to be the most easy strategy game to pick up but now you join in and it looks absurd. Limiting each player to one demi hero, which would include no aoe, mayhaps of their choosing, would be a better option than the current situation. An example of a good demi hero was the demi that lordaeron owned, and might still, blackmoore or something similar i believe. He wasnt that much stronger than a knight but he had hero armor and a net ability which warrented keeping him alive for later use. No revives aswell, that makes it an elite instead of a demi 2.Useless upgrades are "air superiority" and "defense in depth" which increase your ability to train a unit by X and have absurd costs associated with them. The delete unit, while good at 300 food, is something almost noone will encounter and doesnt seem to be worth the coding in my opinion 3. I was talking about the money problems because of, again, the costs of upgrades. Theyre not some cosmetic upgrade you can get thattl improve towers or whatnot, theyre endgame upgrades that youll consider after hitting 20 CPs. 4.5Lack of information was talking about whats happening around you rather than a guide on how to play your nation. Sure, a teal might now know that he really needs to dunk DG quick, but what teal wont know is that, unless green warns him or hes seen it before, he might look at the minimap during a heated battle and think greens backstabbing him. I thought this, and end infernals to his base, only for them to die in shadowmoon valley(heh) to defend myself before asking in all chat what he was doing. If the dark horde is truly loyal to nzoth, why exactly are they allied to a fel horde? 6. Unit spawns are very bad idea unless theyre something completely unique to a building and not exactly reliable. Teal's gates used to spawn very weak demons, but now you have fel raiders spawning fighting "gnomish terminators" by your logic why dont we just make the game only spawns and use gold for upgrades instead? the point of units costing gold is that if you get wiped or use them improperly you cant just send another wave.. Reliable safe spawns are a bad idea. 7.The problem with second chances is that theyre campable and reward some players for losing. Dont like your heroes? rather play as zulaman? creep, stack gold, lose, spawn up north, spend that gold and start dunking. Its all down to what people prefer, but from my experience the best second chances are usually a small, remote base with maybe a good position or a hero, not an actual faction that can hold their own immediately. 8.While it might look good, its the infernal drop is objectively an annoyrance when you could make a blink ability that does the exact same thing. If i recall, the infernals only have like 500 hp and 15 chaos dmg, but the thing is that theyre free and you can prob pump out 10 a minute if youre focusing on it.. Early game this is very empowering and if you can get supremus out of there in the case you lose, you can slowly spawn an army to cap CPs and nuke capitals. 9 whos talking about upgrade for demi heroes? i mean the wpn/armor upgrades, which someones only gonna get on say magtheridan or arthas. Thats a big generalization for what I meant. Just because something is bloated doesnt mean it needs cut. I'm trying to warn you that the game is becoming more like the standard "failed AWLR offshoot" when it could easily be the new standard AW. MIght i suggest a game of shiverbane? itd do a better job in showing what im warning about. Its honestly just clutter that might be causing all the imbalance complains i hear about this map, but in experimenting as yellow I got rushed by hero armor(whose design choice was this) black dragons that trounced any riflemen and gryphons I had. Maybe there was a counter to be had, but on the list of units I had avaliable none seemed to do much against it, unless I could spam riflemen en masse. Thats a complaint in itself
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