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  1. EDIT: I see people cant grasp the message so here rephrased version: do we agree that gays were traditionally viewed as a path to extinction? Because two dicks cant make a baby alright, and back in the day with high mortality rates due to wars and plagues and low life expectancy rate due to stone age culture also known as Medieval christianity that banned sewers, nudity and proclaimed lices as god's pearls, it becomes clear that it would've taken much lower percentage of gay people for general population to feel the population decline than it is today. Thus they were treated much harsher than they are now, because modern medcine and most importantly cultural breakthroughs like washing hands after the toilet makes it possible even for homeless junkies to live longer than medieval royalty did back then and society became more lenient on gays as it can now tolerate a certain percentage of non-breeders without any noticeable population decline because now humans live way longer and die way less often and can pop out much more larvas over their lifespan than their counterparts say 600 years ago could to make up for their non-breeding gay comrades. So being gay and therefore unable to shit out babies like turds is less hounded these days because humans are out of danger zone of being extinct as species, in fact we are thousand times more common than we really should be unlike say 2000 years ago, where everyday mortal danger for entire cities and ethnicities was a routine and ordinary thing. Entire abrahamic ideologies are built on the concept of procreation or else inevitable extinction but these days its hardly an issue. Cause really what is the biggest danger to us today? Death of obesity at 65? lol Yet still though, those ethnicities whose people turn gay less for whatever reasons will see their ethnicity overwhelm and outmuscle ethnicities that have a higher gay percentage because thats just basic math - if 3 of my children are straight and pop out 6 more children of their own and only 2 of your children are straight (one is gay) and pop out 3 children of their own in few generations my seed will inevitably outnumber yours. That's why I always chuckle at unholy alliance of sjws and muslims as sjws blow out fundamental christian (even though they are idiots too but they won't kill you for being gay) disdain of gays out of proportion while in the very muslim middle east the penalty for homosexuality is death, but then again sjws are contagiously deluded dangerously self-contradicting modern inquisitor fanatics with double standards degree rivaling the one of talmud and should be avoided by any reasonable person to start with
  2. Wish granted! Join us here http://diplomunion.com/index.php?forums/thw/ :D
  3. Awwww genesis reference Yea green needs to have event with teal and -q should ping limited units for all factions. Its the absence of these and other small but important conveniences that were the reasons for The Third War project in the first place. Will I live to see a day when they merge?
  4. man I hate being green in LR just when you think you can pace yourself on a mission to cleanse the plaguelands from creatures of evil and then bam a wild frozengrip appears and you have to take his fel cock in or you're dead meat every.single.time><:( the only way to prevent this from happening is wtfderp mass shipyards with battleships in eversong woods river, spending all gold on that instead of dragonhawks, elites and support, 95% ensuring to doom the rest of NA vs evil in genesis teal is not a lonely desperate rapist obsessed with finding a tight hole to drop his load into but a respectable middle class gentleorc trying to round up lovely blackrock ladies for a party at Karazhan I don't understand how most of LR community doesn't see that
  5. Origins having imbalanced NA fight... You can't balance 3v1 especially in a game featuring above mentioned unit lag indeed. Teal having 100 units he can operate lag-free, NA has 300. Who will win? The only way teal can win is speed, storming NA fast with 5-5 upgrades and frozengripping down bases before NA gets solid upgrades and it will become irreversible for teal to win. If you really want to balance NA fight, make orange a second chance for green and neutral passive until then, as Antonidas & Co never clashed with undead until it has come to their house in Dalaran at the end of Path of the Damned campaign, and once Violet citadel falls, green gets Kael and magic stick and that's the last chance for him there is, while purple should only get Kul'Tiras, Theramore and Admiral Proudmoore as a second chance. Yet realistically this won't ever happen in LR but it got close enough in AWGenesis by my dear friend Sukramo so even if I had a choice which I don't I'd just leave LR be like it is faction-wise.
  6. Dave/Crusader should get origins as a basis for 1.91b and further versions, slap LR title on it and mention origins developers in credits, e.g. Volrath and Mopei. Its the LR brand name that keeps people coming. Origins fixed 95% of the mess, such as tooltips, mismatched description to abilities, optimized map loading time, the full changelog is available from developers. To discard all this work is to discard the essence of the map itself and I'm playing since 1.45 so I'd like to think I can tell chalks from the wheat.
  7. #0 High Overlord Saurfang #1 and further -see OP list
  8. [quote name='CNiper']@WhiteInk for Diplo tinychat party 2016?[/quote] [IMG]http://media.nscdn.com/uploads/member/pictures/1311571830Photo_284.jpg[/IMG]
  9. no that's my girlfriend and you can tell she is not a natural blonde, see the black hair roots this is me fix magtheridon and kazzak and I may skype with you
  10. Magtheridon collision radius is disproportionally large to a number of areas it happens to pass through. One example is western Blade Edge Mountains (forge camp wrath and raven's wood) Simply put he is a fat fuck who always gets stuck. Put him on a dick diet and hope it slims up. Kazzak has the same problem with collision radius, not being able to squeeze through places where whole gadgetzan would fit with all its blackjack and hookers.
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