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  1. Wowie! Bors talking smack with nothing to back it up? That's a new one!
  2. This shit is so fucking cringy
  3. MaceMaul

    Public Square

    I will also do my best to give Bane, aka cancer-boi, valued member. I would also like to mention that I am very much sale, and I am very cheap.
  4. MaceMaul

    Public Square

    I promise that I will try my best to start a furry genocide.
  5. MaceMaul


    The party of DADDY'S CUMMIES has officially changed it's name to "Egalitarian Association Tributaries and Allied Sororities Signees "
  6. MaceMaul

    Public Square

    I am against child pornography. Has any of the other candidates said their opinion on child pornography? I don't think so. Would you like a child pornographer as your Tribune? Vote DADDY'S CUMMIES, the only party who has taken a stance against child pornography!
  7. "What is your stance on the age of consent?"
  8. MaceMaul

    The Candidates

    Party: Diplo's Autistic Defiled Degenerate Youth Serious Confederation United with Mom's Magnificent Irate Exceptional Squad Platform: Mending the Schism About me: I am an autist who really enjoys being a degenerate, but I prefer do be an autist on one discord server instead of 2, and I believe that the DADDY'S CUMMIES party is the way to go.
  9. MaceMaul

    Ask Diplo

    This is purgatory.
  10. MaceMaul

    Best Diplo

    STOP THIS HERESY! Backpack girl is pure, PURE!
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