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  1. Well it's not like I made one of those melodramatic "I'M LEAVING FOREVER" posts. Not my style.
  2. I haven't posted on here for ages but I saw this post and I thought I'd just comment. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  3. Republic as in "glorious people's democratic republic"
  4. I would have at least liked to see less of the buddy-buddy "OH MAN YOU'RE ALIVE YOU'RE SO GOOD" thing and at least a hint of tentative distrust. A well written character would be torn between being saved by the guy and his training telling him that he might be an imperial agent. For Ray, it's not important that he may be an imperial agent. She's had no prior training in that sort of thing, is probably a good deal more trusting (because she's not a soldier), and most importantly isn't a resistance fighter and hence probably doesn't give a shit about them. Probably a good thing. I never read the book. Shame to hear it wasn't a good adaptation. I think there was a thread on here about it.
  5. Saw it yesterday. Not overly impressed imo. Between 5-7/10 for me. General: 1. Overhyped, but it's star wars. Not much to be done there. 2. Shits on EU, however I don't necessarily blame Disney for doing this - allowing them to take the franchise in a new creative direction rather than having to abide by the pre-established universe allows a bit more creative freedom. However I DO however blame Disney for the average-to-bad rehashed plotline in general. Cinematics: 1. Pretty good, but why wouldn't it be? It's Disney. They've been throwing money at this like there's no tomorrow because they know it'll be a money spinner. I'd be disappointed if the visuals were anywhere below top notch. Characters: 1. The old characters overshadowed the new characters to the point where I had no emotional attachment to the new characters by the end of the movie (Who is this pilot guy? I literally don't care. I assume he's intended to parallel Han Solo, but he fails in every way. Suddenly he's best friends with an ex-stormtrooper without even a second thought as to whether he might be, y'know, a spy?) 2. Both Ray and Fin were shallow in my opinion and lacked character development. Ray suddenly being able to use the force with no prior exposure or training was a silly and just pegs her as a Mary Sue. Yes, you can spin it as "She's super powerful" but it doesn't change the smell of the shit. 3. Kylo Ren. Don't even get me started. He's a joke. Whiny, whingy bitch villain developed purely to have a light-side redemption later in the series. Can't make him TOO ebil guys. Make sure he has plenty of character development with scenes of him whining about how the light side is calling to him like the plot of a kingdom hearts game. None of the villains were intimidating or mysterious to me. I mean Phasma, jesus christ. Why was that character even in the movie? Seriously? I don't have an issue with Kylo losing to Ray, really. He was injured and likely tired, which was emphasized in the fight between them. However, it does nothing but peg him as a whipping boy until his inevitable redemption (redemption by death or otherwise) Plot: 1. Poor effort all around and a rehash of ANH. I won't say more because it may improve in the next two episodes as things pan out, but as a standalone piece I'm not impressed. Storytelling and Writing: 1. Felt like they blew their creative wad way too early. Had Kylo remove his mask too early. Revealed that he was Han Solo's son way too early (possibly because they needed to kill off Han Solo early to stop him overshadowing the new cast). 2. The writing at some parts is pretty tenuous. Phasma shows her unwavering loyalty to the Order by turning off the shields to their giant death laser and making the whole thing vulnerable, rather than making an attempt to fight or just off herself? Silly. 3. Don't even get me started on Fin, who neglects to mention the giant death laser that he worked on until after it's destroyed the new republic. 4. Ray changed her mind on waiting for her family on Jakku quickly too. Barely even took any convincing. At least they left a plot device for the sequels. 5. The writers are desperately clinging to nostalgia to draw in the older audience. 6. It sure is lucky that the First Order has the resources to build a giant death laser while the Republic sits around masturbating and I assume pretending that this threat doesn't exist, or at least thinking to come up with countermeasures given that "giant death laser" has happened twice before this. In the last few months I've seen The Martian, Spectre and this. This is definitely a solid third. While Spectre still follows the same old and tired Bond formula, I found it more enjoyable to watch than this. The Martian was a clear first.
  6. Diplo has developed quite a specific culture over the years. I doubt it would integrate well with other forums. No real reason to merge the two other than to powergrab, and even then it'd probably be a negative outcome along the lines of people leaving because the administration team decide they need to make the forums a "safe space". Agree with @ABDeL, let people post wherever they want to post and they'll do so. That being said, I am in favour of expanding our map section and reaching out to some of the mapmakers on BH so we can expand the audience of those maps. Lordaeron TA would likely fit in quiet well here with the LR slavs and is hosted with reasonable frequency on wc3. Maybe rather than a merge, more of a strategic partnership between the two forums which encourages the user bases to interact across both forums.
  7. A macro is used to automate tasks in excel, and there are two ways to make one: 1. Write it using VBA, the coding language which Excel uses for its macros 2. Record it using the macro recorder (which is complete shit) In this case, you could automate all your data entry and data cleaning with the click of a button, provided you're just exporting things into excel and messing around with them. if you're entering data manually from physical documents or other systems, you still need to do that part manually.
  8. If it were me, I'd be putting a macro together in VBA. Most people are surprised at what functionality Excel actually has. You don't need a fullblown java application to do a piddly job like this.
  9. BladeMage3

    College Protests

    It's the millenial generation coming of age and the hangover from three decades of hardcore mollycoddling. People seriously thought that these types of SJW idiots were only on the internet, but it's now coming to the forefront. INTERESTING FACT: The girl throwing a temper tantrum and screaming "Who the fuck hired you?!" at the end was, in fact, on the panel who hired the guy being mobbed.
  10. First off, no problems with the rich shits posting pictures on social media. They want to blow 20,000 on champagne in a night? So what? This is a good thing. If the rich spend their money on frivolous garbage, they won't be rich for long. See also the three generation rule and its billion variants. NZ is one of the healthiest western-styled economies, and really Piketty wants to sling shit at us because we are the antitheses to the Nordic model - you can have a strong economy without high income tax and governmental intervention underpinning it. We practice fiscal responsibility (with our country now turning a surplus) and, all in all, are doing pretty well for ourselves. These articles annoy me for for a few reasons: 1. We are by any and all standards and metrics better off than we were even 20 years ago in terms of global wealth and poverty levels. The definition of poverty has been defined and redefined over time to keep up with the fact that everyone is much richer. 2. There's a misunderstanding about what "wealth" actually is and how it impacts people. It's not a measure of poverty and should never be viewed as such. 3. Wealth now is unimporant. What is important is single-generational and especially multi-generational social mobility - however, this goes against the human desire for instant gratification. 4. They adopt a xenophobic and internal view: the western middle class has inevitably shrunk due to cheap labour availability overseas, but this has reduced global wealth inequality considerably over the past decades as the middle class of developing countries expands. The idea is that the people in the bottom 50% are so brutally impoverished that they are literally struggling to feed themselves. That is not the case. Wealth is an accumulation. The wealthiest people are chronic savers and investors, and in addition it's well documented financial fact that saving can indeed result in you becoming wealthy if you know how to invest and save correctly. This is why wealth management is a massive part of the financial industry. People on the lower end of the wealth spectrum, for one reason or another, do not save. Maybe they cannot, maybe they will not, or maybe they don't know how. The latter two categories could be earning all the income in the world and living a fantastic life but still be in the bottom 50% of the wealth spectrum - our focus here is the people who cannot afford to save. Yes, it sucks that some people can't afford to save. NZ has a welfare safety net for those people which provides insulation against poor decision making, accidents such as pregnancy at a financially insecure age, and unemployment. More important is social mobility, both in the current generation and in future generations. In my mind we're closer to these ideals than we have ever been at any point in the history of the human race. The advent of the internet has made virtually the entirety of human knowledge available to anyone who is willing and able to learn, so long as they persevere with it. Alas, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. So no, I adopt a longer term vision for wealth inequality, and this French socialist can bugger off if he thinks he is proving anything. Wealth inequality increasing in western nations is an outcome of economic pressures as we move away from manufacturing-oriented industries toward service-based industries. It offers a chance for developing nations to move themselves out of crippling poverty and start enjoying the standard of living that even our very poorest have been enjoying for decades.
  11. The red peak flag has consistently failed to impress me. It's got a decent marketing campaign and that's it. Otherwise, it's just a bland, boring flag and pales in comparison to some of the flags that were on the long list.
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