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  1. If wisdom is encouraging malcontent behaviour, then okay. My net maybe running out soon.
  2. The Mohawk seemed to like us.
  3. While I do understand the idea behind this course of action, I have to say, Christian I do question the wisdom.
  4. Rebels don't have the art of subtlety anymore...When I was at Hoover in late 1968 I went over to Dublin with a colleague and was picked up by our section chief Paddy O'Gradey, whose first action was to drive us into town to show us a statue of the Duke of Wellington with the head blown off.
  5. When my late wife developed breast cancer, she asked the doctor if she should stop smoking while she underwent treatment and he actually told her not to because he thought it would do more harm than good in terms of stress management.
  6. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. My Father found exactly the right way to warn me off them completely one day when (while having a cigarette himself) called me over and told me "Now, Brian, see this? Each one of these will take five yards of your running average." That was enough for me.
  7. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you, my old friend... Mr. Stones
  8. I do enjoy scotch as well. Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, but Napoleon Brandy is also nice. Two things Ive never been able to drink and are the only things that ever give me a shocking headache even now in the morning are Champagne and Port...any fortified wine really will do it to me. That's interesting that you don't like Rosé but profess to be a beer man - usually it's young people who reach for the Rosés and the Rieslings and Moscatos and other such sweet wines when they aren't reaching for the ciders and beers simply because their palette has not matured enough to acquire a taste for heavy reds like cab sav yet.
  9. A man after my own heart.
  10. My daughter (she was until a few years ago a head flight attendant with the airline) told me funny stories about what happened to SAA after Mandela came to power and apartheid was ended and he pushed them to hire more black cabin crew who really made some shocking faux pas. Baledwyr got a kick out of them, so I figured I'd share them with the rest of you. First one is a scene where Melody (my daughter) and this black girl are wheeling the lunch cart down the aisle and the two meals on the lunch menu for the day were duck and chicken. Someone asked the black girl, "What's the duck like?" and she replied "It's like a chicken cept it swims!" ... Second one was when the plane was preparing to move onto the runway for take off, Melody gets a call from the pilot "...Ahh..Melody, I've got an external alarm warning up here - we're cleared for takeoff but its telling me we have a door open somewhere." Mel goes to look for the problem and finds one of the black attendants has opened the door at the back of the plane is lobbing black rubbish bags at the door. When she asks the girl what she thinks she doing, she says "Oh, that's where we throw it at home!" And finally, the black girls would go on the basis that nobody could tell them apart cause they all look alike, so when the girl couldn't be bothered coming into work, she'd give her uniform to one of her sisters and she would come in to be the flight attendant.
  11. None may call themselves man until they have killed with a longbow...I'm sorry.
  12. Just ban him for good measure. Don't need idiots of this nature stuffing up what we're trying to do.
  13. I think he looks more like Henry V to be honest.
  14. I have to give an honest appraisal; when I read this I think that if you just removed the InsiderImbiber, Cooking with Probane and The Spamwank, and I picked this up and starting reading it in a hairdresser, it would seem to me like I was reading an issue of TIME Magazine. Good stuff all round.
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