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  1. Is the bot server physical location in europe or useast?
  2. Reduce Kirin Tor cost from 90 to 85 gold please And it has always bedazzled me how currently revived heroes dissapear from altar if corresponding building has died. E.g. I am ressurecting Antonidas at Kul'tiras, and just before he's about to ressurect, Violet Citadel is destroyed. He is forcefully removed from game. Wtf? Wc3 engine bug? Can this be fixed so once the ressurection process starrs, no evil force can snatch him from altar?
  3. Research master casters in north, in scholo assemble 1 pack of aboms+fiends+necro+banshee+meatwagons each by turn 5, bullrush andorhal kill it in <1 minute, <2 minutes if purple is a retard and suicides to you there alone, smoke palace or strath, if NA gets in the way they're dead meat. Think Rider-of-shadow doomdrop level of power at turn 5 instead of turn 10. I've seen azothan stomping NA so fast back in the day it wasn't even funny. Red was super rich and super powerful super early, by the time purple had 6 crusaders (paladins with mastery) the -plague was ready and red was pounding at the strath or palace and after that came death knights and destroyers, and did red have enough gold for all that, hell yes he did! Proper red was able to do so much damage so early that you never saw chain healed paladins everyone loves to qqry about. But I do agree that you needed good apm to make use of your insane potential as 1.59 red, and most mouthbreathers didn't have it, hence they lost scholo, then NR, and NA became unstoppable force begging for a nerfbat which eventually happened. So back to the point, to balance things out, since the version blue got draktharon, teal became the new hardest faction requiring the most apm, while red became much more pub-friendlier, but also much more dependent on blue, cause these days if blue doesn't want to rush andorhal or pool red with gold, red rushing it solo will most likely lose.
  4. some ppl enjoy fj more than sex are they mad too?
  5. you do realise I was alone in that game right?
    1. Halzum


      I said I wasn't sure though. But it's true I should have send you a pm instead if using the skype conv.
  6. NO. MORE. TREES. FFS! This is sandbox horribly enough. If you scale a real Azeroth to unit ratio, the LR peons are the size of WoW fel reavers that can't squeeze through ordinary LR trees that are the size of WoW Nordrassil. Ashenvale is a fucking labyrinth. the reason? trees. Units get stuck coming out of barracks outside tomb. the reason? trees. Give Goblin Shredders ability to cut a tree down with 1 attack, like infernals do! And I have mentioned this before, but MELEE DEMI-HEROES WITH ORBS DON'T HAVE ANTI-AIR ATTACK. The orb effect works on land units though. But they don't have secondary attack all heroes have which allows them to target air units when they carry an orb. Please hotfix
  7. Why fiddle with unsummonable? Make FThrone like Sunwell, invulnerable until enemy unit comes close to it, but once it does, it becomes vulnerable and red can kill it himself. But I'm not after that. What I'm after is: Throne should also become vulnerable after Sunwell is destroyed. If red wants to play as forsaken, by all means he should be able to do so without having to wait for someone to kill Throne. But he has to earn it by winning the starting fight. So logically following, my points is: once, say, Scholomance is destroyed, green should be able to destroy Sunwell himself and go blood elf. Why Scholomance? Because if red lost presence in EK, purple and orange are most likely capable to handle him in NR without green, but they will certainly need green for Scholomance battle. Hence as much as I'd like to join teal asap as green, I too realise that you gotta earn the choice of when do you want to use your second chance, which means win the fight vs your starting enemy, especially now when camping problem is solved in upcoming version.
  8. what the fuck westy I can just ally teal as high elf, teleport outland and it will be the same thing, but it will be huge lorelol on top of that if you recall I was the one who come up with invulnerable sunwell idea and I believe there should be freedom of choice red can unsummon obelisks and go forsaken why cant I go belf when I want it dammit
  9. Skype fkd up, spinning blue arrows never stop... How about selecting blood elf mastery will make sunwell vulnerable so green can suicide to blood elf? I really need them spellbreakers to help teal fully, screw magus I never make them too and without pooling I won't have gold for them in time anyway
  10. I think its cause people might misclick or should I say mistype -w instead of using that Arthas divine shield from dreadlord ambush, etc. Some people even use tools to remap hero inventory items from NumPad5 NumPad1 to buttons like R or T etc... with OKLM noone will ever accidentaly misclick or mistype those, they're just too far to get in the way in the heat of the moment... Unless you're one of a kind <3 But I like that suggestion and it can be -qwer if you want really, cause I often lose limited units all over map as I don't like stopping and searching map for few minutes especially as teal who as a solo faction depends on speed and lost momentum can cost a game.
  11. Lets hope trump will continue being self sufficient all-pwning Frozengrip laughing at and rekting the corrupted establishment instead of becoming their puppet and not end up like JFK who also also was anti-war
  12. just give illidan as an optional hero to teal if he types -ally green when green is blood elf and sunwell is destroyed, pretty much like lb lost naisha and wardens if he typed -ally brown in 1.59c. teal will lose mag and dimensional gates but keep everything else and gain Illidan. teal doesn't need naga units though, they were the second worst in 1.59c, only non-summoned legion couldn't beat naga. naga melee units are awful worse than anything else really, tauren, knights, abominations, huntresses, you name it, naga casters are even worse, no heals, no aoe dispel, no stunbolts, really shitty lineup, only royal guard elites were decent because of shockwave, but still were no match for paladins pulverize and sw champs cleave, thus without unlimited draenei chainhealers naga were the definition of trash. The reason naga was removed? naga certainly was OP but not because of units per se but because of: a) their base position naturally not having a start up enemy as immediate threat hence being true wildcard free to ruin any starting fight and get away with it keeping their main base the Naz'jatar intact, unlike for example teal, who will lose outland if he decides to ruin some other starting fight like I do when I frozengrip quel'thalas every game, mostly because I feel very lonely as teal and need some blonde elf passy. naga didn't have any of such drawbacks they could go destroy ironforge to get items or aim palace for crown or turtlegrip throne 10 mins in game, just about anything really. it was absurd, they didn't risk anything, it shouldn't be possible for free radicals to intervene into other starting fight and get away with ditching your own, again compare to teal, if he goes somewhere else before beating SA he will lose outland b) waterwalk which promotes and facilitates above mentioned hit and run tactics without risking to lose your units if enemy destroys your transport ships, and saving a ton of gold on town portals, however later in game this doesn't play any crucial role as the leading player will have enough income to fend off pesky prawns. However I suspect naga units will be just annoying rather than powerful addition even without waterwalk but I guess green could use some fat normal damage melee units even as horribly shitty as myrmidons because green is the only faction with virtually no fat meatshield melee units at all, so green can build some some spawning grounds in zangarmash a-ka coilfang reservoir, and teal gets illidan as the new master of outland naturally making it 2v2v2v2v2v2 with last 2 being green blood elf & naga and teal fel horde bossed by illidan just like wow outland. illidan is the key figure in wc3 its just unacceptable that he is not in game and since he has ties with outland it makes perfect sense to give him to teal, oh yea and vashj goes to green, as an addition or replacement to rommath
  13. Was agreeing to everything before, but this sentence was one too many. I never called you inexperienced. Like a typical female you're twisting things upside down and putting the words into my mouth what you heard I implied. And you just admitted you were working with rhemar who further ruined awlr after dave and would have kept doing so if not for a miracle that put a stop to infernal rain every minute anywhere on the map in true Reign of Chaos mainscreen fashion. Speaking of RoC, I was a part of playerbase before you started to develop and if I were you I'd channel energy towards productive means, such as offering help to interested parties like you offered to crusader who by now obviously seems less able than Volrath to drag once incomparable map out of shithole it has been into for many months now, while shutting up the wrong nightmare won't get you anywhere.
  14. Wow has it been ages!
    1. Udtre


      I was powerlevelling and now I. finished. farming xD
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