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    Wolf Meat

    So, I'm in town for a few days and decided to ask diplo's aussie residents one question. Do you guys have any idea where I could get some wolf meat in the brisbane area. I've always wanted to try it so here I am asking about where I could locate it. Also if anyone here is strange like me and has a recipe to try I'd be most appreciative
  2. Eon

    Sponge Coward

    Shutup infy and give me a minute. Didnt upload properly
  3. Eon

    Sponge Coward

  4. Eon

    Good Bye Diplo

    Darkly and Enclop anyone?
  5. And why exactly am i on this list?
  6. Eon

    Real Identity

    *rides up on his horse* BURN ENCLOP
  7. Eon


    yeah bane fuck you too
  8. Eon


    someone should write an article on Avi being unable to make it to a year without a crash
  9. Just occurred to me. You know that your city has become a hellhole when the media takes time to make this.
  10. incapable of changing up his replies to this thread
  11. Eon

    A goodbye and hello

    No sir just lazy.
  12. Eon

    A goodbye and hello

    This will be my last post. Thanks Green good luck to you too Lone I think he is though its up to you to decide Snigh your awesome dont ever change Bors my half bro may be able to come depends if his mum allows though hes 14 so probs not. Also i'll miss you as well nodle if you dont know me stop trolling Allupindat Maybe Hksaru k Eagleman Indeed eduth enjoy my brother Inferous Shove it up your ass Feanor Enjoy world domination too bad i wont be there Sparten I win Red I'll do my best. Goodbye and live long and happy fellas __________________________________________________________________________ Okay so from here on in it is now me Eon's Bro Sup?
  13. Eon

    A goodbye and hello

    Well people it is my great sadness to announce that i will be leaving diplo. I'm moving outback to a place where the internet is not reliable at all. However i will be passing on control of most of my accounts to my half bro. So yeah. Goodbye all of you and have good times.
  14. Wait wait wait... Infy why do you have special title
  15. Wait wait wait... Your going to try and make a political party for Diplo? Inb4 Mainstream
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