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  1. Eon

    Wolf Meat

    So, I'm in town for a few days and decided to ask diplo's aussie residents one question. Do you guys have any idea where I could get some wolf meat in the brisbane area. I've always wanted to try it so here I am asking about where I could locate it. Also if anyone here is strange like me and has a recipe to try I'd be most appreciative
  2. Eon

    Sponge Coward

    Shutup infy and give me a minute. Didnt upload properly
  3. Eon

    Sponge Coward

  4. Eon

    Good Bye Diplo

    Darkly and Enclop anyone?
  5. And why exactly am i on this list?
  6. Eon

    Real Identity

    *rides up on his horse* BURN ENCLOP
  7. Eon


    yeah bane fuck you too
  8. Eon


    someone should write an article on Avi being unable to make it to a year without a crash
  9. Just occurred to me. You know that your city has become a hellhole when the media takes time to make this.
  10. incapable of changing up his replies to this thread
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