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    It indicates that the person who owns said pet puts the same amount of value on them as they would a child of their own flesh and blood
  2. Spends hours on the beach trying to call forth an elder god
  3. Is drunk enough to accidentally the whole thing.
  4. Or salt shakers making it "snow"
  5. lalzar

    Fuck u cunts

    What if we just ate tacos instead?
  6. lalzar

    Fuck u cunts

    Personally i would go for the kebab before drinking to help pace the alcohol absorption.
  7. It's a freakin Hurdy Gurdy
  8. lalzar

    Fuck u cunts

    Some would say Bors has transcended drunkenness and become an alcohol elemental
  9. I can't think of any for current year but Hillary duff was really hot a few years back
  10. Now we just need a psychologist to tell me why hearing the valley girl accent makes me want to strangle the speaker. Also i'd be hard pressed to tell someone from Cali apart from someone from Washington state or even Vancouver just because the typical western accent is so homogeneous.
  11. Well naturally Eastern Europe is for the white racists and Africa for the black ones.
  12. Honestly can't all the racists just go to places where everyone is their preferred color? I'm sure there's plenty of room in Africa/Eastern Europe.
  13. Beating ol' GW's record for stupid shit said per minute is a real achievement, it also makes Trump a walking Hilary ad because the general populace is too spooked of the big bad jerkface to vote third party.
  14. Yes but when both sides successfully dismantle each others arguments third party observers tend to go away convinced they are both wrong.
  15. Every time i read a diplo debate it makes me feel like there are no right answers and i should go cry in a corner.
  16. lalzar

    Ask Diplo

    Passive aggressively post articles debunking the stupid shit maybe she will learn to google before she believes.
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