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  1. Hoping to be in University still maybe (heading back in January), then a phys. ed teacher or otherwise, or an archaeologist I'd say; depends whether I switch to Kinesiology in the next year or so or not. Might join the military as well.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doggerland but Atlantis
  3. Life is feudal here for sure...
  4. Hksaru

    Limit on Posting

    Seeing as it's been generally recognized that it would be incredibly immoral as well as irrational to police the postings of said scourge, it seems appropriate to discuss EagleMan's/the Administration's banning me from the Thinking Cap: the truth of the matter is that I was targeted by him in the form of a Fascist restriction on posting, wherein I should be unable to post music videos without his consent. Eventually, obviously, I did post a music video out of the bounds he attempted to apply to me, in response to very evident spamming itself from cell_destroyer, and my intent in doing so was to end up with both our worthless posts removed from the Thinking Cap. You can still witness cell's astounding stupidity in the thread (the spam-post in question was as follows: "Proof? Proof? Proof that you knew what he was referring to? Proof that you knew what he was referring to? Elaborate? Proof that they were experts?" and he was asking for proof for things which can be dug up in previous threads on this very site, and so it was irrefutably spam), but youtube videos are certainly off limits! Eagle's "Warning" starts off with: I asked for proof of this assertion and received absolutely nothing; either he was and is simply unable to provide it and the rule is therefore moot, or he was and is unwilling to bring it forth, and therefore should also be in no position to enforce it. Maybe someone else would like to take a stab at supporting this hypothesis. ...aaand Fascism confirmed. Unless he's actually asserting music videos can only be objectively relevant in The Beer Barrel thread and/or music section. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utYcFf93Srs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamas_(philosophy)
  5. Do you wanna hear a joke? Fußball
  6. Hksaru

    Remember me?

    Of course; I can't confirm he or we'll stay on this planet, though.
  7. Hksaru

    The Vicious Cycle

    >TFW dream-team broke the league
  8. Decent thread idea; scratched up a list: 1. Banjoball 2. Legends of the Second War 3. Warhammer: Old World Conflict-Storm of Chaos 4. Warhammer: Old World Conflict 5. Greece 6. Shogun 7. Coming of the Horde 8. Founders of the North 9. Pokemon World 10. Warcraft: The First War
  9. Hksaru

    Remember me?

    Bane, you should look into whether hash oil has healed others with your condition.
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