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  1. Those better be handpicked forest mushrooms.
  2. How's fixing the website going?
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    2. Talinn


      Eagle needs to un-trashify himself and then voila, the website will fix itself. He must make haste and make himself recycable matetial or else all is lost. I'm just kidding though Eagle you ain't trash.
    3. Thurr


      Is there any way I can help out?
    4. EagleMan


      I don't know since I have no clue why all the add-ons aren't working. I've reinstalled some of them and they still don't work. Even on the home page it says "XenPorta" indicating its installed and running but the front page doesn't display regardless.
  3. Thurr


    Hanging in there.
  4. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    Nothing technical. I just don't spend enough time behind a PC or laptop to be able to use Discord properly. I browse Diplo on my phone.
  5. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    Thanks for clearing things up. Unfortunately Discord is not a platform that works for me so I have to get my information somewhere else. @Burden Is it that time of the month? Criticism never killed anyone. Look at how Phalanx deals with it and learn.
  6. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    Well, I don't want to be the negative Nancy here... buuttttt this whole episode badly is handled by the entire staff team. EagleMan clearly has a lot on his plate and is unable to spend the amount of time necessary to fix the problems that we are currently facing. You would however imagine that more tech-savvy people like Dayne, Hannibal, or The_Phalanx would step up to the task and attempt to fix this mess. Not to mention that the lack of communication is just painful to be honest. When the site was down I found myself wandering to the awful platforms of Twitter and Facebook, which showed no updates whatsoever. Maybe you are not tech savvy, but communication is key in these kind of situations. Yet there was absolutely nothing going on there. I tagged Cniper because he's recently been the shinning star of Diplo, but it feels like he majorly dropped the ball on this one. Come on ABDeL I need my mindless reading material.
  7. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    There's 8 staff members. Is there no one else with a bit more free time to help you out with this?
  8. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    How about an update on how our little forum is getting better day by day? Also, where the hell is @CNiper in our times of need?
  9. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    Oh dear, now the bots are taking over.
  10. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    Did you turn it off and on?
  11. Thurr

    Who broke Diplo?

    @EagleMan Is this our new reality?
  12. Are they cutting costs on the forum to improve discord and marketing?
  13. Managed to play a full house game of this on Monday. I feel like a lot of people left due to the amount of things that are going on at the same time. It's really quite hectic and not due to the amount of players. It seemed to put a lot of people off. I'd suggest some kind of vanilla mode that strips the map of a good chunk of content so people can focus on the actual gameplay. The gameplay feels very macro/spam oriented.
  14. Same in the Netherlands. Soon stores won't be able to put it on display either.
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