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  1. Dragon

    Burden's HOI4 game #2


  2. WHY WAS THE PENGUIN EVER NOT INCLUDED TO BEGIN WITH? you have communism as rating but not a penguin?!!
  3. not only we have Burden vs Walrus today, but now we have Abdel vs Baledwyr!! SHIT IS ON
  4. Dragon


    The Walrus propaganda and Agenda IS the one that has been infecting Diplomunion from moving on and ending the Schism, The Walruses want power and greed it like Sauron and the One Ring, The Walrus has been blind to see that I was always there, more to it he has been blind of my skills and fame and is in complete jealousy over it, How can you let such a hateful person be in charge?! he is irrational!! My adminship in Warhaven has zero regards to Diplomunion, I seek to mend schisms not create new ones like Walrus and his Walruses, my Success in Warhaven has a profound fact of my skills to have Diplo succeed. Unlike Walrus, who don't promise anything but just more fights and enemies, like the warmonger he is! I promise True Peace to Diplo, a unity unseen before, Bringing the Glory days of Diplo and its strength among the communities!! Creativity of mind and innovations!! A GOLDEN AGE OF DIPLO, A FUTURE MORE PROSPEROUS THAN EVER BEFORE, LETS MAKE DIPLO GREAT AGAIN. I will also bring games and appeal to new topics of debate for the intellectual and the less so, Diplo will be a place where everyone will find their desires satisfied. As stated by Walrus, he sees Warhaven, The peaceful union of UoS and BotR, as an enemy and Seeking wars and conflicts with it!, Can you trust Walrus in power? He will snap the moment he have it, he is unfit!! Walrus is running a campaign based on LIES and SLANDER alone, Seeking to attract the masses with false promises, He wants Walruses army to be bolstered to promote his agendas, Some people say The Walruses are just like the Lizardmen, They will be the end of us all!! But as the Savior of Diplo, I will lead it against Mordo... Err-- Walrus and banish him out of Diplomunion, back to the shadow!! The White Tree of Minas Diplo will not fall, Not today, not never, His darkness will never corrupt more souls!!
  5. Dragon

    The Candidates

    Party: Abdel'd the Abdel (AtA) Platform: Gaming, Environment, Voice of the people, Manager, Unity, Organizer, I will unite Diplo through all means and bring prosperity to its people, they will into space!! (perhaps literally?) About me: Autistic but in a good way, the kind you need, was a leader of autists but made them into a controlled weapon, was a leader of several communities even before then, Plays a good variety of good games, is obviously the best at them-- undisputed champion. Been a diplo guy for over a decade ( On the old site ) , but was mostly lurking so not much posts made, THAT aside, I am a oldfag in diplo so I know a lot about diplo and its history. I will bring the peace Diplo needs and mend the schism, I will see Diplo rise stronger than ever before, But first it must be influenced by Autism in order to move on, The intellectual always want power, the autists don't even know the word, Now tell me that it's not a plan Bound to succeed !! I will entertain Diplo newfags and oldfags by weekly games shared with the others should they want, Awesome music and even have my shot on World Events but will moderate politics so it doesn't get more autistic than it already is, I'll voice the non-mic speakers like Pona so they have a position in Diplo too, I will accept everyone into Diplo and integrate them PROPERLY, after they pass my integration they'll be hardcore diploers. I will organize shared Tournament games involving several communities with winners earning a desired game pick that is on the budget limit (Hey don't be harsh, we're not a profit earning community), but this time Diplo will get not 99% of the credit, but 100% of it, Rest assured, the other communities will be allowed to have honorary mentions! I will save Diplo from itself, I Will Make Diplo Great Again!!
  6. "Why does Diplo not merge with Diplo ?" "Why does Diplo align with Old Guard?" "Will pona get another video?" "When will you bring back Sukramo?" "Will Burden be Burdened?" "When Will MidConflict not be in the MidConflict?"
  8. HURR, Pls take a toilet paper to clean your ass, butthurt. That aside, if you can't take an insult or two.. Then please man up, Like seriously.. are you deeply offended? I wouldn't give a fuck.. Did I misharm you in any way or you just wanna get some sensation to feel good with yourself, What up with you mate? Furthermore, This gets me more posts in diplo..: )
  9. [quote name='Krotos']@DragonRider Not gonna lie here, you kinda defeated any sort of point you might have had purely by dropping down to insults almost immediately. This ain't UoS and their Doomy, mate, people are actually willing to debate with you.[/QUOTE] I don't mind that, But I really lost interest in talking about that, and this derails the topic... my Main conversation was not to abdel but to the Lebanese guy.
  10. [ATTACH=full]5873[/ATTACH] Gonna leave this out. He's a real bad boy, tough guy, body builder.. I warn you all, some say he can bring the end of days.
  11. Or rather abandoning a debate full of retards, makes perfect sense to me. But since you were pretty funny here, go enjoy that little petty talk, all you can do is talk about it and act all smarty pants am I right? :)
  12. [quote name='ABDeL']Ah fuck makes sense now, brain fart. Also @DragonRider a 'What?' rating isn't an argument.[/QUOTE] it's the perfect rating to make ask you Why did I rate it as "What?" -- ITS ALL A PLAN MATE. rated as What again so you get the hang of it :)
  13. u are a moron. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hezbollah Compare this to any democratic country mmkay?
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