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  1. Lmfao ill never forget specben stalking my friend ally. Also brit is busy being ridiculously hot and slutty
  2. When I finger her she doesn't even ask me to wash my hands after, that's how you know it's real/not my mother
  3. She is not my sister and we get pretty intimate boys
  4. [ATTACH=full]2434[/ATTACH] Summer Pomp
  5. I'm going to continue to be a janitor at MIT, like my boy Matt Damon.
  6. So, who is the guy hacking accounts? Huh?
  7. For Frosh week at my school I've formed a collective called the Triwingmen (or the Sexual Vultures) in which we'll prey on the weak and collect discarded hymen edit: don't worry my counterparts are less Jewish and more attractive than me, so puss is guaranteed
  8. no one is commenting about james7? alright
  9. Andrew Jackson, bitch.
  10. It's like the circus coming to town
  11. It's looking like Chicago is going to take the series. I'm still proud of my Bruins :,)
  12. Port Wine, without a doubt, is my drink of choice.
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