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  1. FINALLY. I had to post at least 5 times to get this going. Thank you so much Rhemar.
  2. Hell fucking yes. You don't understand how hype this version is.
  3. Drop the map or beta already. Also can we get some more pics and info rolling in? The hype is too real and half the pictures on your Progress Thread are broken:
  4. Can we get this shit rolling into beta or something at least like damn. The hype is too real. Just drop it already.
  5. Soooo.. question is: When's it coming out?
  6. So you don't have the original map you made with the islands?
  7. Remember that personal reterraining project you worked on that we added a lot of thought contribution to? Do you still have it? I was hoping you could upload it if you're not going to work on it or send it. I really loved all the work you did on that project of yours. :(
  8. Where can we get the hotfixed map? And also, there seems to be a bug when I played: When I brought Zul to Zul'Farrak they wouldn't join me, no matter how close in I got inside the base.
  9. Can someone send me a copy of the map to test? I missed the beta test last week. :(
  10. I wen't at the correct time looking for the lobby but an hour later of waiting realized after coming back to the thread that it was on Northrend (Europe) and not on what I was on, US-East. FUCK. Anyone still testing the map? :(
  11. Even better idea: Recombine them and add a new race that's fresh and keeps it at 12 players. c:
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