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    damage or heal depending on how soon we run it
  2. Warmonger


  3. I was told to comment on this and now I have.
  4. Pineapple DOES go on pizza but Abdel didn't give a option.
  5. Warmonger

    Picture of You

    For anyone curious
  6. Also there's a building that allows a slight oil cap increase which IMO balances as well as if u don't have sources of oil then u still have a chance of competing
  7. I know it isn't great to compare maps to each other but I just want to point out that on alternative future Cold War first if u have cores on a city u can build factories on them and the factories instead of being a building by the city it instead increases the cities population and hence tax income I quite like this feature and think it would be cool to add to balance the game of only a few nations in Advance having factories and eventually just steamrolling people also the Cold we version has a mobilize demobilize feature where u can increase manpower income and decrease tax income again a nice feature that would also make the Advance series a bit more realistic
  8. China and Japan are totally a powerful team China and Japan both fight Russia at the same time while Japan takes Indonesian islands and China takes indo-China and possibly India sending ships between China and Japan while China makes economy focus early and Japan fights early until they're both economic and military superpowers
  9. UK at the moment easily gets its ass handed to it by USA and any other country because USA fights for Canada and someone like Japan goes for Oceania and France/EU fight the isle essentially GB is too scattered to be effective unless u really know what your doing
  10. Hi guys was curious if anyone knows what the paths are for each nation and what they do
  11. Got Warcraft 3 finally and am now playing arcade maps on such is Azeroth wars LR:)
  12. Especially fond of Starcraft 2 arcade maps
    1. CNiper


      Whats your fav?
    2. Warmonger


      Play quite a few arcade maps at the moment jamming tons of single player diplomacy DV trying to unlock achievements
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