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  1. In contrll group 2 you only got 12 units, that's gonna die from green's and even oranges firepower in about 10 seconds. Should i just set rest of my meele to patroll with C.g. 2? Also, thank you both, I really apretiate this, because I got very fristrated getting beaten by NA
  2. It takes up 300 gold to buy a good lawyer and divorce in 15 seconds (if someone didnt understand-its a teleport :D). It just builds tension between allies, i discourage all those ''split-up-for-better-stuff'' events
  3. There are 30 pages in this thread, and i suck at IT, so i cant find if anyone wrote about this problem: how can a person win against north alliance while playing teal? A few days ago, i got beaten by them, and got really frustrated, because they weren't some pro guys, but just random dudes making random stuff.(orange was decent player) Making meele: getting destroyed by ranged troops. Getting casters too: oj steals my 12 bonus armor and gives them to Paladins. You all got the point :D Post replays, tips, anything is apretiated.
  4. Actually I dislike your Archi-LK/red-blue-unally thing. Reason: Imagine a situation-Blue battles a big battle, gets trapped, loses it and Archimonde dies. He needs to recover, he needs some help from his friend Red, but Red goes ''I want an imba hero to fuck everyone, but fuck you in particular, you suck for losing a hero, and you should leave, i can ally other guys, but we are never getting back togather, I also atack all your units close to mine, to make it even more difficult for you to start over'' Sounds like a really bad divorce to me... (Or at least like that song from Taylor Switf :D )
  5. Lich King really ain't that strong, yesterday a guy (i think his name is teh0pwner, or something like that, im not sure) got him to level 15-ish , and he accidentally died in a fight against fel orcs (teal) in Scholomance, thus ending the game. Red had a tp, LK didnt get trapped between his own meele units, I think it was just because of lag, and teal aiming him before lag started. I.M.O Going Lich King Arthas is just a great hazzard of losing everything instead of having a good game with normal units and heros. Its much easier to defend Icecrown than a hero with 3k hp.
  6. Kel'thusad didnt die too, Baron Rivendare didnt die, death knights didnt die, necromancers didnt die, banshees didnt die (they all turned evil because ner'zhul sent them telepathy messages), peasants didnt die before morphing to undead zombies (they just ate poisoned food). They can all get healed by death coil. Ner'zhul DID die, Kil'Jaden killed him once he was an orc. Ordo, you got a point-I never saw Lich King Arthas used to full potential. Most of the time, LK Arthas dies very fast, from a bunch of elites, or in a really big fight he gets aimed by ranged. When red gets lich king, he should be awarded, it should be like when Archimonde gets to Mount Hyjal and drains the World Tree. Not a lvl5, 2k hp hero, wearing a large target on his head, saying ''kill me, red will lose everything he worked 2 hours for, i cant get healed''
  7. You could say that for lvl 18 Cenarius or Ilidan, getting healed by Malfurion Stormrage's rejuvenation, or Grom getting healed by Rokhan. If red got Lich King Arthas, he either won really big battles to level up heroes to 12, or power-fed Arthas only (leaving Baron Rivendare with a weak death coil, that can't heal properly :D). Im just saying that once you get Arthas to 12, he goes to level 5 and can actually quite easily get aimed down, by 30-40 lb's archers or something similar, with no more obelisks protecting him, or units able to heal him.
  8. Could you make Lich King Arthas into an undead unit, so he can be healed by Deathknights and Baron Rivendare?
  9. Grom can't use ulty if you skilled all 4 abilities and stats bonus.
  10. Hey, i got a little suggestion: could you give Rexxar a hotkey to summon?
  11. PLEASE! I mean PLEASE change the title of thread to "AN" answer....
  12. actually terron is already IN game, you get him after blacktemple gotten by illidan. And bhall, there is a cheat motherland human 3 and voila! there you got your map no need for screenshots and relaying on other people 8)
  13. nice video Sukramo, but you must admit that red was so slow with creeping northrend and atacking purple...
  14. I have seen a bug where LB can use Maiev to blink northeast of shen drelar dungeon and get the two items that grey need for Gahzrilla. Fix this pls.
  15. Anubisfike vs Steakonspear, legendary battle of two giants that colide and fight for all eternity! Seriously, how much does a hostbot cost? I'm sure we can get some donations, I can give like one or two dollars :)
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